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Old Feb 5, 2007, 10:35 PM   #31
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Almost looks like air traffic controller required :roll:
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Old Feb 6, 2007, 3:04 AM   #32
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ac.smith wrote:
Both Steve's review and at least one other suggested that the P712 images were not as sharp as the Z612 images. My wile likes the feel of the Z612 and offered that I could upgrade to a P712 and give her the 612. I don't really want to do that as I already have spare batteries for the 612 and the 712 uses different batteries, besides the image quality issue. I offered to buy her a 612 also which she is thinking about. I'm going to try to get her to actually use the 612 over the next few week to see if I can push her that way as then we can share accessories.
Here is a sample of a Z612 picture taken on its Macro setting:
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Old Mar 2, 2007, 10:01 AM   #33
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For me it was the Kodak reputation of image quality with regard to the P880 (and other models as well). I've been scouring forums for over a year now and finally settled on the P880 due to the 24mm WA lens and the fantastic color reproduction. When I started my research for my upgrade, Kodak wasn't even on my radar screen. When I saw the possibilities of shooting WA, it was kind of like the difference between watching a movie at a regular theater or an IMAX theater. BIG DIFFERENCE. If my math is correct, going from 28mm to 24mm gets about 15% more viewable area at the edges of the frame. BIG DIFFERENCE. As far as quality is concerned, I personally believe that the P880 delivers as well as many entry to mid-level DSLR's when the ink hits the paper...when it really matters. Also, 8MP will allow some larger prints and with the 1.4X Kodak Tcon and the 3.0X Tokina Tcon I can get all the zoom I need. I'm also ordering the P20 flash unit and a good TRIPOD.

On the various internet forums that I've visited over the last year, many have complained about their Brand X, Y, or Z camera that has trouble focusing in low light...at the long end of the zoom...with a subject in motion...when shooting hand-held! GEEZ LOUISE! GET A TRIPOD! Sorry to rant on that point, but what camera (especially P and S digitals) can do that well? I just don't see the big aversion to taking along a tripod.

My first (and only) digital cam was a Nikon CoolPix 7600, a horrid little camera by most accounts. But, after taking time to learn the camera, make changes where necessary like using high capacity NiMH batteries and using high speed SD cards, the performance improved dramatically. I've gotten some really good night shots of our oilfield locations in south MS with this wretched little thing...when using the approriate camera settings and shooting from a tripod. Did I consider lugging a tripod around to be inconvenient? Not considering the results I got!

My new P880 should be here next week. Hope to be able to post some pics once I've gotten comfortable with it. I'm really looking forward to this new camera. Good Shooting to All! BBJ

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Old Mar 2, 2007, 1:51 PM   #34
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Be looking forward to some of those photos John! A tripod is almost a neccessity with some shots no matter the camera you might have. Just works better. As far as them being a problem carrying around ... mine weighs about 2 lbs, and for me is well worth the tote! LOL When I don't take it I'm always kicking myself in the Butt for not having it. LOL


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Old Mar 2, 2007, 9:58 PM   #35
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I got re started in photography with and Olympus c60 which was a pretty nice little camera but the manual was useless and the website customer support was even worse.
After a few months of frustration trying to learn the camera with no much useful information, I opted for a Kodak DX7590. Marvelous camera for the money. Good lense, good picture quality, very user friendly onboard features and a good manual that made sense to me. Also the Koday web site and there support team are among the best in my experience.
With two Grandaughters in soccer and basketball, I wanted more zoom, and faster response time. I opted up to the P712 which I still have and truly enjoy. It makes taking pictures fun, easy, and reliable. It's biggest short coming is indoors low light situations, but with a hot shot, some of that can be taken care of.
Overall, the P712 is hard to beat for the price.

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Old Mar 8, 2007, 1:10 PM   #36
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Dear Kodak Users,

I recently bought a Kodak P880. The main reason was the Lens. The wide angle Schneider Kreuznach lens is wonderfull and there is only one competing Model out there (Sony) wich is also a very nice Camera. I thought of buying a DSLR but then only the lens would cost 3 times the price of the Kodak. Surely it would be a better tool but then photography is just a hobby of me. The Kodak is also easy to use. I think there is no other manufacturer wich has that Combination of fool proof Cameras AND Software.

Greetings from Mannheim/Germany

Wolfgang Wolters
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Old Apr 3, 2007, 5:43 PM   #37
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I bought Kodak DX6490 digital camera (which is my first DC). Its an awesome camera. I bought Kodak for its colors, features and price. I dont like to get carried away with marketing hypes and I do my own research before buying any product. I trust my eyes and candid user opinions more than any reviews. I compared lots of images those days with Kodak DX6490 before buying it and found out Kodak had best appealing colors. Images stand out nicely. I bought Kodak. I am101% satisfied and happy camper. After that I bought a samsung pocket camera (which I dont like much and still cursing my self for not going for Kodak C875).

I was planning to upgrade to Kodak P880 but in the urge of upgrading again in future I took DSLR route. I bouth Pentax K100d. Had Kodak been producing dslrs I still could have stuck with them. I recommended many of my friends Kodak cams. Many times I feel pity about them as they are blinded by market hype and go after famous brands without checking picture quality.

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Old Apr 3, 2007, 8:55 PM   #38
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Atindra wrote:
I bought Kodak DX6490 digital camera (which is my first DC). Its an awesome camera. I bought Kodak for its colors, features and price. I dont like to get carried away with marketing hypes and I do my own research before buying any product.
When I was shopping for a new digital cam, I was at first doubtful about a Kodak. The Canons and Sonys and Olympuses were the first choices to check out.

Kodak's not really known for cameras.

But I was pleasantly surprised that there are many good reviews of Kodak cameras and I finally settled on on.

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