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My Kodak Z1012 takes decent video! It saves them as .MOV files. I have not found a way to tell the camera to save them in a different format.
Is it possible to change the file format?

My goal is to compile the .MOV videos into a DVD. I have several programs that can work with MPEG and AVI formats to create a DVD. None of them will work with .MOV files. There are freeware programs that convert .MOV to other formats. So far, I have not found one that provides good quality video and audio.

Can you recommend a freeware .MOV converter program?
Can you recommend a freeware DVD authoring sofware that can handle .MOV files?

Thank you for your suggestions.


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Never used it, but looks okay:


Also there's:




Haven't tried any of them, DVDFLICK looks the best.

Does your Z1012 keep subjects in focus well while zooming

in HD video mode ? Does the zoom slow down in video record mode ?

Thanks for any info.


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Thank you for the links.

I have not filmed enough video ( or read the manual ) to answer your questions with any authority.

The speed of the zoom while recording appears to be normal, but I will pay attention next time. I would need to test zooming in on a subject to see if the HD video stays in focus.

The auto-focus while recording is an issue! I was recording a squirrel playing in the woods yesterday. When I zoomed in directly on him, the focus was clear. Unintentionally, my hands moved the camera so a nearby branch was in the center of the frame and the squirrel was in the corner of the frame. As quick as the camera could auto-focus, the nearby branch came into focus and the squirrel was unrecognizable. Since I haven't read the manual, their could be an easy fix.

My first impressions are the Z1012 would be used for informal / impromptu / static distance video recordings. For planned events, I would still use my 6 year old Sony Digital 8 camera.

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jcotton55 wrote:
.........Does your Z1012 keep subjects in focus well while zooming in HD video mode ? Does the zoom slow down in video record mode ?........
I haven't taken any video with my Z1012 (it was awful on the Z712).However, as Imight want to one day, I just did a quick 'Google Advanced Search' within the last year's Steve's Forums.

Ifound the following links discussing these issues.They seem to indicate you'll be OK, within sensible limits....


"I have a Z1012 IS for anything not taken at full wide-angle. With the pocket cameras the zoom factor changes as they focus if you use the telephoto lens. With the Z1012 you can get pretty good performance out to x6."


...is all about video on the Z1012.

I'm another person, like dig314,who uses a camcorder for video, as the proper tool for the job, with the buttons in the right places.However, last summer I made the giant leap from Video8 to a cheap (139 ukpounds) but very good DVC tape digital camcorder, i.e., from the frying pan of one extinct format into the fire of an obsolescent format. Tape has the advantage that you can keep the tapes as a backup, for as long as the players last, and can re-record direct to DVD for viewing or rudimentary editing. The sound quality is acceptably good for my purposes on both machines for my family classical chamber music & vocal performances on both Video8, and DVC, even via the built in microphones.

Good luck!

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Although its not free Total Video Convertor (do a search on the internet for the program) can change just about any format to any other format and does a great job. I use it for work to change .avi video files to .mov and sometimes.mpg2 streams. It is also very handy if you hve a piece of video and you want to change it into an MP3 -- just change from video to audio tab and click on MP3 and it will make a great mp3 files.

As for making a CD of .mov files. I just create a data CD and let the people view the files on their laptop. It wouldn't pla .mov files back on a standard DVD/DVD player....... you need an mpg stream to do that.

Onr thing I would like to add is when you upcovert .mov to mpg2 stream it takes a long time. If you go from mpg2 or mpg1 stream and downconvert (compress) to .mov it goes really fast.

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