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Original post from DRD403:

Z1085 'over-exposure' bug.

Sample indoor, frames 829, 830, 831. Middle frame 830 is much brighter than neighbours. Very visible 'flash' in the video:

My comments:

When I viewed the indoor HD video footage from the Kodak z1085 (download at

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XM6SO5Q7 )

I too, noticed the overexposure flashes. They appear to occur simultaneously with any short and abrupt sounds. The overexposure only occurs very briefly during the sound.

Does the same problem occur with the v1073? It shares the same sensor as the z1085.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am awaiting delivery ofthis camera but discovered this potential bug just now.
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I just read a post from an Amazon review of the v1073 which appears to report the same issue. I believe that when the camera adjusts for rapidly changing light conditions, it results in a click sound which causes the momentary overexposure in the video.

So the brief overexposure flashes in indoor videos at a certain light levelmay be triggered by any sudden sounds - whether the sound was due to the camera itself (clicking from camera caused by the camera adjusting to quickly changing light conditions) or to an external sound (like a banging door).

I'll have to see just how annoying this effect is in practice and how often it occurs before deciding on whether to keep the Z1085 which I will be receiving in 3 weeks.

Any others experiencing this effect with their z1085 or v1073, or any other Kodak for that matter?

Here's the v1073 review from Amazon referring to this problem:

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Kodak V1073 Review, April 25, 2008

Ipurchased this camera primarily to upgrade to HD video capability from my current Casio EX850. Unfortunately, the Kodak camera lense periodically "clicks" as it tries to adjust for lighting changes, which shows up on the video. The quality of the video itself is much more detailed than my Casio, which only shoots video at 640 x 480 30 fps. However, the Kodak sound quality on videos is noticably poorer than the Casio. Another important note, my PC's Windows Media Player cannot read the Kodak video format and had to use Quicktime instead. Finally, the cameras battery compartment doesn't lock very well and easily slides open when handling the camera.

After a week of use I decided to return it. Although, this 2nd generation HD video capable V1073 is an improvement over the first generation V1053, its still not quite there yet in my book.

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