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TimD001 May 2, 2006 8:50 AM

Judge these pics for the usefullness of the lens. It's a Eumig PM aspheric lens, bought s/h on ebay for £10 + £2.12 postage (yeah yeah, cheap arsed me), supposed to go on old camcorders (before they were called camcorders, forget the name) and has 55mm threads that went straight into my Z740. Hard to find info on the net about the lens but narrowed it down to being Hoya glass lens made for Eumig with 8mm workings.

The lens case flower is intruding in the corners until I put a bit of zoom on. any ideas on resolving that or am I going to have to crop every wideangle image I take? the lens screws out of the flower so I presume a different flower with matching threads might be the way to go?

Had to fire shots off in closeup (flower icon) mode to get the camera to focus, which I think it did nicely in the main of the picture, although theres blurring round the outside, mainly in the corners. Have yet to play with F stop on the camera, I heard lowering to 2.odd results in best images, but is that good daylight outside?

These images are with and without the wideangle lens, at the same distance, height, etc

bigdawg May 2, 2006 9:14 AM

The dark spots are called vignetting. They can be relieved somewhat by zooming in just a little or else you will have to either crop them or clone them out in a post processing program like photoshop! Not bad shots really. They seem in the vignetted ones any way to have some distortion at the edges. That also can be relieved by zooming in a little. As to the F-stop You'll just have to try it and see the results. If you bump it too high you may have a dark photo but mabe not if the outside light is good. Like I said you'll just have to try it. Have fun with it----


maxpixels May 4, 2006 9:53 AM

I just bought a Sony x.7 converter (for GB£30 see my post) to fit on the 52mm extension tube for a DX6490.

Like theRaynox.5x converter you MUST set the camera to MACRO and the widestangle zoompossible.Then be happy with the shot - because this is not a 'zoom' converter. What you see at full wide is what you get.

I am going to try the Sony out on a Z740 with a stepup ringto 55mm. But it should work just fine.Originally itwas an expensive piece of beautifully madeglass. What is great about the 52 and 55 mm threads - you can use all your filters behind the converter.

bigdawg May 4, 2006 11:00 AM

I do that anyway with all 55mm. I always use a sky1-A filter and most times a polorizer when outdoors and put the filters before the add on lens. With the wide angle ones though you will get some vignetting with the add on filters before the add on lens. By making the tunnel several MM longer you cannot get the total benefit of the wide angle. But regardless the 55 mm filters and lens are all compatible with the 55 mm extension tube adapter.

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