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mark4man Apr 17, 2010 6:03 PM

z980...Yellow & Green Shots...!!!
1st of all...

THANKS to mtclimber...for his response to my previous thread...I went w/ a z980


I've noticed that the pictures have a decidedly yellowish, greenish tint...for real.

[I even had taken a shot of an old red brick colonial building the other day...& the bricks were orange, w/ a greenish tint.]

what can be done...???



mtclimber Apr 17, 2010 7:35 PM


That sounds like the Z980 is not set to the correct WB or the camera is having a problem maintaining Auto WB.

Can you post a photo sample for me to see and will you tell me how the WB was set. Let's see if we can determine the problem. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Sarah Joyce

mark4man May 18, 2010 10:01 AM

hello again...

sorry it took so long to get back...had a REAL bad experience buying TWO defective (refurbished) z980's off eBay...from a shitty dealer. Didn't even get a full refund from this character after discovering a defect w/ camera #2.

anyway...I'm now thinking about simply going to BestBuy & grabbing a FujiFilm Z2700...or a Canon SX120...especially in light of the fact that I now know (mostly from info garnered in this BBS) that the Schneider lens thing ain't all it's cracked up to be.

[& also...I've got a bad taste in my mouth now over Kodak).
All I want is something that recreates the real world realistically/truly; & to be able to work w/ those shots in PhotoShop, PSP, Illustrator, etc.

thanks; & sorry for all the trouble...


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