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Default The DCS 760 and the D1X

I have been looking at the Kodak DCS760 and the Nikon D1X. The specs of the two cameras are pretty close but there is at least a $2K difference in price. What am I missing?
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Default DCS760/D1X

You're missing that the 760 is not more expensive than the D1X. Why?
Software is included and much better, it can use 2x5 GB Toshiba's and they are ten times cheaper than Lexars/San Disks etc. Buy a few compact flash cards and a Dig Wallet and add that to the price of the D1. Then you'll know.
I use my 760 for aerial photography and I am often shooting 8 or 900 pictures a day. I don't even have to take my Toshiba's out of the camera. You can keep on shooting and shooting.
Beside that the pictures are far more sharper than those of any other camera.
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Actually, the specs are not all that similar except for the fact that they both more or less share a Nikon professional body. The DCS-760 is built on an F5 frame and the D1X is built on a combination of F5/F100 frame designed specifically for the D1 series.

The DSC-760 is a true 6 megapixel sensor with a 1.3x crop factor. The D1x has a bit more than what one would need for six megapixels in the horizontal plane, but a good deal less in the vertical plane. Because of this, the vertical aspect is interpolated to get to the near six megapixel rating. It also has a 1.5x crop factor and the sensor is smaller with smaller photodiodes. The bottom line is that the Kodak has decidedly better resolution and is generally devoid of the artifacts of interpolation which appear in D1X images.

This may or may not be important, depending on you use of the camera and the type of subjects you shoot.

The D1x has much better high ISO performance than the DCS-760 which is limited to a practical ISO 400, but can be pushed two stops. The DCS-760 is considerably larger and weighs a great deal more than the D1X. For studio use the DCS-760 is a much better choice - in my opinion. For field use under a wide range of conditions, the D1X is superior.

Kodak software and workflow is much better and Kodak support shines in relation to Nikon's support - again in my opinion.

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