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Default How to clean CCD

My brother own a Kodak Pro DCS SLR/n digital camera and he is looking to clean the CCD. A tiny black velvet is loosing fur inside of the camera and all its going on CCD. When he gonna try to clean CCD, its so electrostatic that he is able only to move dust bunnies instead of taking them off. Whats an easy way to perform this task without disassemble?

Thanks in advance.
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This site may help.


As a general rule of thumb, a hand held blower bulb is the first thing most people should try (lock up the mirror for cleaning, turn the camera upside down and use puffs of air to blow it off).

For stubborn particles, Sensor Swabs with Eclipse is usually preferred. Some vendors like B&H won't ship the bottles of Eclipse separately (because it's considered to be a hazardous material). But, they do have kits with pre-moistened swabs that they will ship now. Here's the right one for that Kodak:

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You can get an alternative here that uses a spatula (Sensor Swipe) with Pec Pads and Eclipse. This is known as the Copper Hill Cleaning method. These guys will ship Eclipse. You'll want the 18mm Sensor Swipe size for that Kodak. You can get a kit with a Sensor Swipe, a 2 ounce bottle of Eclipse and 100 PecPads for $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping in the U.S.


They also sell Sensor Swabs (versus a Sensor Swipe/PecPads solution), as well as bottles of Eclipse, separately or in kits:

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