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Default When is DCS Pro 14n in the stores?

Does anyone know when the Kodak DCS Pro 14n istarts shipping to stores?
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Not sure,
but it might take some time before it hits the store shelfs
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Where and when will the DCS Pro 14n be available?
The DCS Pro 14n is planned to be available from authorized dealers of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products at year-end 2002.
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Old Mar 10, 2003, 11:52 AM   #4
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Anybody on the forum have one of the DCS Pro 14Ns?
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you may see a demo model in the next week or so at certain dealers. actual off the shelf buyable units will be a bit short for a while as they have to fill the back orders on those previously preordered. thats the way it goes with the new toys.

i'm patiently waiting for mine to arrive. i was told i would be in the first wave. i'm really not sure if thats good or bad. got 3 batteries on order also to complement it.

i have decided to shut out the rumour mill and i'll make my own opinion of it upon its arrival and initial usage along of course with a few firmware upgrades.
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Old Apr 3, 2003, 10:56 PM   #6
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Kodak's decision to make the 14N with variable raw file sizes is brilliant! Also the proprietary JPEG format they're using. If the Canon 1DS had those features I'd run and buy it.

I'd always be a bit wary of buying any Kodak product, given their history of abandoning products and their users. But their designers have some great ideas.
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Found a 14N at Colonial Photo in Orlando Fl. at 11am today. I was shown and handled (heavy) the demo model and was quite impressed. The "official" in store demo for this unit will be tomorrow from 12 to 6. Availability for sale definitly not yet, orders only. Apparently this is a Kodak owned camera.
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Your thoughts on buying Kodak products on April 3 were prophetic now that Kodak is abandoning all who bought these now soon to be orphans.

If you're going to buy expensive Nikon or Canon lenses, for goodness sake buy their bodies too. Variable sized RAW files are nice, but buying a body today from someone who'll still be in the business tomorrow is even nicer.

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3 1/2 years later the kodak slrs are like ancent history:|BTW ANYONE KNOW HOW TO ADD YOUR HOMETOWN ON THE AVITAR?also is there anyway to change this black background?i hate it.
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Click on the "My Account" button you'll see at the top of each page here. Then, click on the "Profile Tab" if you want to add a location (e.g., City, State, Country). Here's a direct link to that tab:


For a lighter background color, click on the "My Account"button, select the "Preferences" tab, and change the "Board Theme" to Default versus Shades. Here's a direct link to that tab:


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