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Default Kodak DX-4900 and batteries only last a few minutes???

I am coming from a DC-280 that had/continues to have power problems. Seems that on that camera, no matter what batteries I put in, its as if there is NO battery in it. Yet, if I plug in the A/C adapter cord, it works GREAT! But who wants to be tied down to a 6' cord!

Anyway.....Then I purchased a DX-4900 w/ The Easy Share docking/charging station. I am only able to get about 5-10 shots (even with LCD OFF!) and the battery light starts flashing and next thing you know, the lens retracts and it shuts off. As if the batteries are dead!

I had once heard that you must remove and then reseat the camera after a download in order for it to charge the batteries. I've done this as well. Only thing that I have tried successfully is using regular AA Energizer Lithium batteries. They have been great but unfortunately they aren't rechargable, right? I don't have the original Kodak Rechargable battery, as I lost it when I got toatlly fed up with it shutting down. Wonder if the Easy Share Docking station isn't charging properly?

Anyone hear of this?

Sorry to run so long on my first post!

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the batteries should last much longer then u mention. with the lcd off I can take probably 40 pics easily. I use energizer 1850 with a generic charger. you can try discharging the batteries totally by putting them in a flashlight and killing them totally and then recharging them to see if that will help. Check to see if the contacts are clean on the camera also. If the charger does not charge the batteries after a full charge then try another set of batteries. If that don't help maybe the easydock thing is not working and u will have to contact kodak for warranty or just purchase a generic charger. Also try putting the camera on power save function or maybe it is already that is why it is shutting down sooner
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Call Kodak - they will advise what could be causing this issue and how to fix it.

If you continue to have the problem they will work with you until it is solved.
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I also have a 4900 and docking station. The dock will NOT charge anything but the Kodak battery pack. I found this out the hard way too (look inside the camera, you will find a small switch that the Kodak pack works, not individual AA cells).

Charge the non-Kodak cells with an external charger or get the Kodak pack.
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Default DC4900 battery charging

here is the basic info you need
first check you have one of the following in the camera
Rechargeable Easyshare NiMH battery pack (KAA2HR 1850mA or 1600mA 1.2vx2)
then go to this link and follow the instructions
From my own experience I fould if I flatten the battery fully first before doing above the conditioning process works better.
It can be a pain to flatten the battery as the camera keeps powering down but it is worth a go.
Once you manage this you should find you get 150 to 200 pictures from the battery. You may find you need to repeat the process if you leave the camera with out using it for a few months.
But this process does seam to work good luck.
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