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bill2468 Aug 28, 2008 12:37 AM

Does anone have any experience with a camera with a built in pano stitching ability?

What is the MP for the camera and the MP for a 3 shot pano?


SimmiS Aug 28, 2008 6:03 AM

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My Z812 will do a decent Pano of 2 or 3 shots, either left to right or right to left at 5MP only.

Allthough this seems pretty good, often i have found the autostitching to be pretty shoddy, with obvious marks and line where the pictures meet, this doesnt happen very often, so it isn't too bad.

Example : View over Naples, with the scary Mount vesuvius in the background, the Volcano that killed many Ancient Romans living in Pompei!

SimmiS Aug 28, 2008 6:06 AM

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This is the poor Pompeian who didn't survive! :sad:

Alan T Aug 28, 2008 6:39 AM

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bill2468 wrote:

Does anone have any experience with a camera with a built in pano stitching ability?
Yes, I have, on my now seldom used Casio QV-5700, and my current Kodak Z712is. If you get the overlap just right, using the transparent piece of image from the last shot that appears in the viewfinder, the results are very satisfactory. If you get it wrong, they're useless.

The drawback on the Casio was that you had to use the dim LCD back screen, and this usually required a black cloth over the head, or similar.

The drawback on the Z712 is that its idea of exposure is very different from mine, and it overexposes badly if left to itself. There's no manual control over exposure; it's set automatically on the first shot and then locked for three. I defeat it and get my own way by setting the exposure while including just enough sky to get the foreground looking right in the EVF's live preview. You have to get on with it, or the camera gives up and times out!

I took this one of Edinburgh in July. It's at 1/1024, f/2.8, 36mm equiv, brightened a little, resized & sharpened. It'd have been better at a smaller aperture, but I was breathing heavily trying to keep up with my children. In the followingreply is a 1:1 pixel for pixel clip from the original. The camera was set to 7Mpix, normal compression, and the original from the stitching is 6028x1696 pixels, 1647MB.

I've posted a fine one of Ben Loyal somewhere else round here, and I'll post the link when I find it.

If I have time when doing a pano, I routinely take overlapping individual shots first, manually ('M') locking the exposure at somewhere fairly average from the middle of the sweep. This is invariably handheld, and entirely by eye, as I seldom carry a tripod. So I usually attempt an in-camera one as well, which will be poorer resolution (only 3 shots wide), in case I've made a complete mess of the handheld manual horizons and overlaps. I'm often pleased with the results from both.

Alan T Aug 28, 2008 6:46 AM

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Here's a 1:1 clip from the original. Shown on a 1280x1024, 17-inch diagonal monitor, i.e., about 100ppi, this magnification is the equivalent of an unsharpened print about 60.3 inches wide, so don't look too closely!

Alan T Aug 28, 2008 7:57 AM

Alan T wrote:

...I've posted a fine one of Ben Loyal somewhere else round here, and I'll post the link when I find it...
It's the 15th message inthis 'What camera...?' thread last January...;forum_id=87

Here's the EXIF from the original of that image, with the camera probably set to 7MB, normal, again, and done in camera, with exposure adjusted by eye, pointing to include more sky, and keeping the button half-pressed.

35mm focal length [mm]: 160
ISO value: 64
Shutter speed [s]: 1/203
Aperture: F3.6
Image width: 6542
Image height: 1872

So, enormously better quality would be got by shooting individual frames, carefully, with a tripod, and stitching later. But that image, as aninstant result, isn't bad. Judging from the original in-camera stitch displayed on my monitor, it would look good straight from the camera, as a 28 x 8-inch print, if I could find anywhere to put it. I have a straightforward 12x8 from a single wider-angle frame on display, instead.

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