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Default Kodak 6490...the first few minutes

I think I change cameras like I change socks, well, not quite

I'm back with a digital camera. I had a Nikon 5700 for almost a year and was trying to make a part-time career on the side. After not much success in attracting enough clients I 'thought' I'd switch formats - going to a film SLR. I sold my 5700 and with the money I bought an Nikon F80. After 2 weeks of not having the control I had with the 5700 I tried to take it back. Unfortunately the place where I bought it seemed to have a no return policy (I won't go into the details).

To make a long story short, I asked the local London Drugs if they take trades, they do. The sales rep. there was terrific and gave me the full value of the camera as an exchange for a new digital :!:

After doing research here and a couple of other sites I knew I wanted a large optical zoom to hopefully equal what was on the 5700 and of course the picture quality and features (if possible).
Well, by the time the Kodak 6490 was charged it was night time so I have only taken a few indoor shots. I can safely say in the first few minutes I have discovered the 6490 has the same indoor shot quality as the 5700. Any shots from now on will be posted in the forums here at Steve's.

It's good to be using digital again

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Some additional info...

I already like the menu structure and the control layout on the DX6490 over the 5700.

Focusing is faster than the 5700.

When you first turn on the DX6490 the lens barrel comes out approx. 1". From that point, all zooming is done internally.

The 2.2" LCD is amazingly detailed and extremely fast when zooming/scrolling.

It's physically smaller than the 5700 I had and lighter - mainly because the 6490 has a plastic body whereas the 5700 has an alloy shell.

Again, when in PASM mode the manual controls are easier to change. I used the 5700 for about a year, I'm already use to the 6490 controls in just a day of use.

1st Day:

Check out some examples of my first day using this camera in Steve's Photo post area:
Colors match exactly what the subject is, I turn the sharpening off and use PS to unsharpen mask. No other alterations in PS was done except resizing.

Battery life:
Fully charged I took 107 photos @ 2300x1700. 18+ were with flash and about 25 I used the zoom-in feature and scrolled around to view the photo also general menu scrolling and setting changes were made. That used about 2/3 to 3/4 of the battery power (my best guess ).

more comments to follow as I become more familiar with the DX6490....
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