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Default A couple of questions about the dx6490?

I am thinking about getting the dx6490 but I have a few questions.

1. will it accept a polarizing filter? If yes, is there an adapter and/or holder that I will need to purchase to fit this camera?
2. is the lack of RAW images a big deal? I want a camera for fun family stuff and will be printing photos for scrapbooking and framing.
3. Should I factor in the cost of a second battery and charger as an immediate need for this camera?

Thanks for an help you can give
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Hi Kat,

Not sure about filters, I personally will never use them. Do a search on Google for filters and DX6490 and see what it comes up with.

I had a 5700 that did RAW and yes, RAW captures more colors but, there was a price to pay in speed, especially with 'prosumer type' cameras. If I took a picture in RAW on my 5700 I'd had to wait 18 seconds before I took another. Do I miss RAW? Sometimes but, with the image quality I am getting from my DX6490 its not much of an issue.

The battery in the DX6490 is great. I have a 256MB SD card and took 278 photos @ 2300x1700 and the low batt indicator still was not on. I was going to buy a 2nd battery but, I think I'd need more memory to get use out of one :!:

Hope this helps you out a bit.
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Hi Kat
To answer your question about filters on the DX6490, unfortunetly there are no plans for Kodak to make a lens adapter for this camera, so filters or other lens's are unlikely to be available.
I would also agree with koruvs, the DX6490 battery is great and as it comes with a battery charger in the box you could always decide to buy a spare battery at a later stage. I have three batteries but rarely flatten one when using the camera.
Hope this helps
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dcam, good news. Kodak will be selling an adapter in Feb. 2004.

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