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Bill,,,,I personally do not understand what the problem is..

I installed the easyshare program and have NO problems.....

I use PS Elements too...

I hit the transfer button on the dock,,,,the pics download without any fuss.....

If I want to use PS Elements to play arround you still have to go and get the pic anyway,,,,I just double click in the middle of PS elements in the blank area,,,it opens to let me select where I want to get the pic,I click kodak files and browse to the pic I want,,,either way if you use easyshare or not the pic is not in PS Elements waiting for you,,,,you still have to store it somewhere...

I play with it in PS Elements,,,then under file i click" save as",,,,it keeps the same kodak file # and sends it back to easyshare,,,,,

Where I might add i can actually find it,,,it`s in a dated file for easy finding by date,,,or you can find it under albums that i make......

Can it be any easier....I don`t think so....

Some people have to understand that we all do not want to spend 2 hours fixing a photo then another bunch of time to find it again...

That`s why they call it easy share,,,90% Plus people that purchase the Kodak name are novices or at least people that don`t want to be a "computer geek" to get nice photo`s and be able to use them....

I say bravo to Kodak,,,,thank you for making my DX6490 as great as it is,,,keep up the great work...

And try ignoring all people that " Raw" this and less "compression" that and continue making cameras that real people can use and enjoy..

I personally do not have the time to manipulate every photo I get....I want the camera to do the work and take great pics,,,,

Anyone expecting more for the price they paid is being unfair...

The DX6490 just got a #1 rating in the consumer guide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

But the editor for that magazine stated you can only get 60 pics to a fully charged battery,,,,

Anyone who ones one of these knows you can get 300+ pics easy with the DX6490,,,,

Someone posted a link to that guide on dpreview.com if anyone is interested...just ignore the 60 pic misprint,,,,,he must have missed the 3 before the 60 I think.....

Oh.......I almost forgot,,,,,,ANYONE,,,, that does not want to buy a cam,or tells someone else not to buy a cam,,Kodaks or anyone elses just because they can`t understand their software,,,or can`t understand that software sometimes has bugs that are easily fixed with an update if you give the manufacturer a little time to CORRECT IT,,,,is a complete IDIOT and should probably not be allowed to buy a DC in the first place..........

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Hi Brian, WELL SAID!
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