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Default DX6340

Will I likely see the anomolies printing at 8x10? I have norrowed down my decision to the canon a70 and Kodak dx6340, and I think the Kodak will better suit my need. I love the docking station aspect and if I get the kodak definitly plan on getting the printer dock. The batter life I hear is excelent, and if your charge dies on vacation you can substitute regular batteries. My fear is that the JPEG compression wil be to high if I want to enlarge pictures. now I am not planing on enlarging every picture, mainly me and my wife scrapbook adn will use 4x6 inch prints or smaller for the scrapbooks. also going to use the movie mode to compliment my camcorder so I don;t have to lug my camcorder everywhere on vacations. going to stitch footage from my camcorder with the pictures from the camera and the mini movies to make VCD's and if some pictures come real good to blow them up to 8x10. also what accessories do you reccomend if I get this camera.
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well gee thanks for all the replies. I have posted sever things here and no-one even bothered to answer. well gee thanks, I see this forum is only for the select few. i'm outta here, you can keep your damn forums.
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Hi dsherman!

I purcahsed a Kodak DX6340 in July last year, and very rarely have I regretted it.

As far as printing at 8x10. I've seen some sources say that 3MP is all you need to print photo quality at 8x10, some say 4MP, it really depends on what you call photo quality I guess. I would imagine that you'll probably get good 8x10 shots, but then I haven't tried it so I cant be certain.

The JPEG compression on the DX6340 is actually quite high. I posted a thread about this a little while ago that had debate raging back and forth for a while. If you search through my previous topic you're sure to find it. I had a few shots that turned out quite odd looking, with odd thatching in areas of low contrast ( like grass ) but was told that the image ( although small 150KB ) would probably still look good blown out to 8X10.

As far as accessories? I bought a charger and a few sets of batteries. A 512MB sandisk SDcard. I also spent a small amount on a 2x Add-on lens while I was in Toronto on holidays, but have found the lens quality to be quite poor ( You get what you pay for I guess ).

I hope this helps, remember though that I dont know the a70 and it may be better.

Kind regards,
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Hi Disherman

Sorry that you didn't receive any responses. While I've maintained my membership here, I've foudn that this particular forum community is not very active. You might want to drop over to the dpreview community where Kodak have their own home. We're much more active there (even have a little friendly monthly competition). Here's the link:

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