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Default ? about new 6490

I've been reading this forum for some time, but have never posted. You helped me decide to purchase a new 6490 from Costco last night, so thank you.
I like the camera, and my first pics turned out very good. Way better than my old 4800, and IMO better than my fathers G2. The only question I have is in regards to the zoom. The telephoto end doesn't seem like 380mm to me. It doesn't look that much different than 200mm on my film camera. Is there any way to test that my camera is actually operating correctly? My meter shows full telephoto. It seems that some other pictures (Birds,etc) I've seen from other users have been zoomed in closer than mine.
Also, has anyone been able to use the dead pixel text software with this camera?

Thank you
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It all depends on how close you are in the beginning to the subject ..if you get reasonably close the 10x is going to look enlarged more,,,if you`re farther back you still get the 10x but it`s not going to look as large,,,,my advice is to get as close as possible then zoom in,,,you have to imagine what the subject would look like if 10x bigger before you take the pic,,,

One thing I do is zoom to 10x then move ahead till the image is the size I want,,,sometimes it`s hard to get close to a subject without spooking it,,,but that is what photograghy is all about when capturing animals with cameras...

I seriously doubt the cam is not zooming properly,,,but try this....

Go to the wide angle 38mm,,,take a pic

Then go to 10x zoom and take a pic

Print them both off at the same print size and compare the 2..

You should use a tripod for this to keep it in the same place...

I have printed a few pics like this and measured the image,,,I used a round ball...

It was as close to 10x larger as i could measure..

I printed the pic at 8 x 10...i did not care if the picture looked good or not,,,it was just an experiment..

I know this sounds funny,,,but it gives you a quick check to see if you`re in the ball-park or not..

Does this help at all....

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Thanks for the help!

I followed your advice, and it seems mine is working ok.
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