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Default Have you needed a second battery with you DX6490 ??


i am new in the forum and i am thinking about getting a DX6490 but i have some questions to this camera owners.

Is the propietary battery really good? Its a lithium-ion type, like in mobiles. I have some bad experiences with battery mobiles so i don't want to fall in the same error again.
1.- How much it lasts?? (time/photos).
2.- Have you needed to but a second battery? How much did it cost? And where did u buy it?

I have read in many places about the excessive compressión (jpg algorithm) but i hope the make a revision of the firmware.

Thanks very much
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Battery lasts around 300 + pictures with flash. My record is 900 pictures (no flash continuous shooting). Typically for me I use an external flash and get about 500 shots before swapping batteries. If you are on a trip with a lot of on/off cycles it will be around 300 pictures.

The complaints about excessive compression are done by the people that don't own one. It's no worse (or better) than most of the other cameras on the market. I own an OPTIO 550 which is known for the opposite problem (too little compression) and the quality of the Kodak is as good or better than it. I've seen the same effects on the JPGs from D Rebels.

If you want a camera with RAW/TIFF mode (the only way to really improve it) then I would look for another camera I would not hold my breath for the Kodak firmware to be updated. Me, I just shoot it the way it is and enjoy it I've currently shot 10930 pictures with it.

I bought my battery (a real Kodak one) at the local Circuit City. They are also available through Amazon.com. It costs about $25.
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Yes the battery is that good,,,I along with others get 300-400 shots before the battery icon comes on,,,,I`ve talked to one person that got 325 pics,,,used a lot of LCD screen and his kid used the slide show twice a day and the battery was still usable,,,,

Unless you are going on a long trip,,,taking an enormous amount of pics with flash and the preview and the LCD screen on a lot you are probably wasting your money on another battery....

6 people I know at dpreview.com have the extra battery and have said it`s nice to have for back-up but have rairly used it,,,, if at all..

I`d buy the cam and see if you plan to use it enough to make it worth while,,,,then decide later...

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Default two batteries better than one...

My story is that about three months ago I wrecked my cam, and sent it to kodak for raparation, after almost a month they realised there was no way to repair it so they sent me a new one... with another battery...(THANKS KODAK) (i only sent the cam, without sd and without battery, of course)... so now, i have two batteries, and I recomend you all to buy a second one, it gives you the tranquility of having the second one with full charge when you're shooting for a long period.... an also lets you use it better, you'll never have to take the battery from the charger when it's not charged yet... (that happent to me several times... i want to go out but the battry isnt charged, but there's no time so yo take it before it's full)... and we all now that's not very good...

So... if you are one of those busy persons like me, and do not want to have Lo-Batt surprises, and also want to prolong the battery life... buy a second one...

But i have somethig else to add...the battery duration in the 6490 is so long that almost all the times i go out i don't have to use the second one...

Sorry about the spelling and poor language, but i'm not very good with you language...
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