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Default Examples of handheld at full zoom??

I see lots of really great looking macros with the 6490, but I would really like to see how the camera performs in full 10x zoom without the aid of a tripod. Can this camera satisfactorally perform handheld at full zoom? I read so many posts from folks who say they will never again buy a big zoom without IS. I really like the image quality of the pics I've seen produced by the Kodak, but I want to be able to zoom in situations where I won't be carrying around a tripod (which means most of the time for me :lol: ) I want to be able to capture shots from a distance that will not always be quietly sitting birds on branches... they will most often be pics of my photo-phobic niece who grimmaces and snarls when she sees the camera pointed at her ( thus the need for long zoom capability) I love to capture her in candid moments...she is so beautiful and natural looking...but I usually fail because I can't "hide" the fact that I'm snapping pics. Sooooo, do I still keep the 6490 on the short list or do I really need to consider only one of the 2 cameras out there with IS?
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Here`s one,,,I just took this for you,,,no tripod here,,380mm full zoom..

Better light would have given

me a better photo,the side lighting on this photo is terrible,,but what`s wrong with this.......

I also am quite shaky holding a camera,,,always was though..

Photobucket also reduces any pic over 250k and I reduced it again by 50% for easier viewing on other sites...

What do you think ?????


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Disregard the first pic above,,,the lighting (side) really did`nt do the 10x test justice,,,it really sucked actually...

Here`s another,,,yes I know its inside,,,,

10X zoom with flash,,no tripod..Yes the thermometer is painted kind of smudgy,,,must have been hand done...

I really think anyone can do a good job with the proper stance,,,if they do not shake to badly,,,


And here`s a nice one of Sarah my minature schnauzer.....

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The key is to use a fast shutter speed or just put the camera in sport mode.
Here is an example taken the other day when I was at the beach this guy started an little display at the airfield about five miles away and this is handheld at full optical zoom.


I also took one with digital zoom (which I normally never use because of the drop in quality)


These are the bare images taken from the camera but you can see the disadvanage of digital zoom.
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Heres one I took... By no means am I steady yet... Heres no zoom and full zoom....
[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RgDtAkATNXy*1bMETviyykmN4!q73wDNf!Ptf8*r3W8btnLVb oXIFBMxn6SpNGmjFXGbvjNBjcAP9nTJLt0DE*xWtXtKi*G!Xjy 4iWBGBo8/100_0094.JPG?dc=4675467688509521186[/img]
[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQANA3YS5kLZYmjMQ0x9E*f5xSoNxRE8BUpTmSG7FwQvur!HT T7kUwZp!YJTGfGhTM1j!y0HcahM9avmzm0iAxhid!qSs80UvNp QirMWrik/111.jpg?dc=4675467705618704753[/img]
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Default zoooooom

yeah!!! that's what I call a Zooooom... (yes, with loads of "o's")
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