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Default DX6490 Battery Question


Have a question regarding the DX6490 battery.

It says it is good for 300 charges. Does this mean that
you can only put it in the dock 300 times before you need
a replacement?

What I am getting at is, suppose I only take 2 or 3 pictures,
put the camera in the dock to download the pics to my PC,
does the dock automatically charge the battery even though
it doesn't really need it?

As you can see, if you downloaded pictures several times a day,
the battery would not last very long.

Yes? No?

Thanks in advance,

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Lithium ion cells do not get a memory for one,,,so leaving it in the dock and only using it occasionally does not cause problems with this type of battery,,,

Three hundred pics is easily gotten with this battery,,,you can achieve a lot more if you use the EVF instead of the LCD screen,,and if you take a lot more daytime/no flash pics the number of pics will climb even more.....

I`ve been told by some experts in this field that 300 is the minimum number of recharge cycles that lithium ion cells achieve(of decent quality though),,,if you completely drain and charge the battery each time,,,you can expect to get a lot more than the minumum if you are not completely draining the cells,,,,this would of course be the opposite if you had NI-CD`S ,,,they will get a memory if not cycled properly to a predetermined level and then recharged fully again at frequent intervals...

I expect the batteries to get about 2 or 3 years if under fairly frequent use,,,,what each individual gets is an absolute guess...

If I get 2 years or more,,,for the price of the pack,,,, and use it`ll get,,,,, I`ll be laughing,,,they are really not that expensive and will likely go down in price anyway,,I consider batteries a "consumable"....
and am not really concerned how many years they last,,,just how long (number of pics) they last..

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