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Default Ladies & Gentlemen,......

Boys & Girls, Children of All Ages, let me introduce to you
the newest member of the "Kodak Klub"

Moi! That's right - Me!

Just got my DX6490 tonight.

Bought the Camera w/Dock, 2 yr extra warranty, extra battery,
extra 256mb card, Tamrac 5742 Velocity 2 (Blue) Bag,
Velbon CX404 Tripod w/Case, and Optex LCD Screen
Protectors Kit (3 protectors, 4 cleaning cloths).

They didn't have the lens adapter in yet so will probably
order that on-line, and a UV filter.

About a $1100.00 all together.

Not bad - I like baloney sandwiches anyway - LOL!

Well, This weekend will be open season on anything
and everything. For taking photos, that is. LOL!

Looking forward to getting into this, and I am sure I
will have some questions for you veterans over the next
few weeks, months, ..... LOL!

This forum, and the others, have been a great resource
in helping me with questions, ideas, opinions, finding info,
reviews, etc... and I would like to thank everyone here for,
well, being here. You sure made it a lot easier to decide.

Look forward to participating in future threads also.


James (Newest Member of the "Kodak Klub")
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Congrats James!
Sorry to hijack your thread but this looks like a good opportunity to introduce myself by finally posting something.

I got shipping confirmation from Costco today and hope to have my DX6490 by Friday
(already have the memory cards, bag, tripod, and free warranty from Costco).

This should be a busy weekend for me; there's a huge owl that's been hanging out in a tree about 25 yards from my patio
and I really want to get a good pic of it before the tree leaves and foliage begin to flourish.

Anyway, this forum has been very helpful with my research (Kodak DX6490 vs. the Panasonic DMC-FZ10K),
and I hope I may be able to help someone else in the future as much as this site has helped me.


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Old Apr 13, 2004, 9:06 PM   #3
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Welcome the both of you.

Have fun with your new toys and don't forget if you have any questions no matter how daft, just post a message and we'll do our best to answer.

Looking forward to your pictures.
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Old Apr 13, 2004, 9:07 PM   #4
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That's O.K. No problem.

BTW, that Owl story reminded me of something. The other
day, near my office, was a Canada Goose. Just standing there.
Preening himself. Opening his wings and airing them. All kinds
of neat poses. Do I have a camera? Nooooooooo! LOL!

Bet if I took my camera to work he would never show up
again. Or if he did, he would never stand still. LOL!

Welcome to the forums!

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