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Default 6490 Pixel Issue?

In the pics that I have been taking, all seems well, except for 1 pixel in the middle top left of my photos is not being filled in with any coloration.

In either a thumbnail view, or if I zoom the pic, it's more noticible.

Normal size is acceptable, but now that I'm aware of it, I can see it there as well. If I zoom to max size in a photo editor, the white spot is clearly square in shape.

In prior pics, it was fine, but now appears in the exact location in all my pics, using all modes.

The lens is clean, so it appears that a component of the camera has a flaw.

Have had the digicam for about 4 months now.

Any suggestions?
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Seems to me I already replied to this thread,,then again i see steve`s is changing things here..

Anyway,,,if you have dead/hot pixels that bother you,,send the cam in for warranty,,,

Here`s a link to a site to do a dead pixel test,,,but be aware you may not want to know how many are avctually dead/hot..this test is done with the EVF sealed off and the lense cap on,,it`ll give you the exact locations of any dead/hot pixels..

I`ve heard people that have seen dead/hot pixels before that went away a few days later,,,can`t understand how that happens but it does,,,,if you have lets say the DX6490 and had a few dead/hot pixels out of the over 4 million on the sensor,,i would think that was good,,,if you send this back to them let us know what happened so others in the future will know how to seek warranty on this issue..


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Thanks Brian,

I've downloaded the dead pixel test and will give that a go. I am in contact with Kodak's support, but really do not want to send the camera in, if this is a common thing.

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