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Hi! I just bought my new DX 6490 (1 week old) and this is the first time I'll be using a digicam. I would like to know what is 'Noise' all about? Is there 'Tips and Trick' site where I can go to? Do you guys have any suggested camera setup for DX 6490? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance!
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What would you like to know ?????

One thing to try and remember is when taking landscape pics use the landscape mode,,,i keep forgetting,,,this fixes the focus to infinity,,,,if you don`t use this mode the DC will not go to infinity,,,close to it,,,but not all the way...

If you plan to do large indoor shots,,,beyond 10 feet,,,get an external flash,,the onboard is not made to go very far,,,,it`s to save the battery..

When doing bright outdoor shots in auto mode turn the exposure up,,,1.0 to almost 2.0 for snow shots,,if you get snow where you are..

Bouncing up and down like this will blurr your shots too,hahahaha..


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Noise is the digital equivalent to grain in film photography.

When you use the PASM mode you can use the menu option to set the ISO from 80 to 800, the lower theISO, the less noise it produces.

The reason for the ISOoptions is when shooting in less than perfect lighting conditions you can use a higher number but keep shutter speeds fast.

Here's an example.

This was taken in good sunlight at ISO 100 at a speed of 1/500

This was taken at ISO 400 1/500 when the skies turned black and the light wasn't as good.
If I had kept the ISO at 100 in this shot it would have been much darker thanthis.

When the picture is too noisy, you can edit some out with programs like Neat Image and Helicon Noise Filter which are both free to use.



Don't forget you can also play with exposure compensation by using the jog dial on the front of the camera to make your pictureslighter or darker.(works in all but M mode)

The best thing to dois just play with the settings until you feel comfortable with how it all works,as Brian said, any questions just ask. (I'm sure we can bang our heads together to come up with a solution)

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