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Does anyone have a high speed memory card for thier camera? Does it make the shot to shot time faster? What exactly does it do? I was thinking about purchasing one.
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I've got one and the only difference on my DX6490is processing after a burst sequence is a littlefaster.

Save your cash and get a standard one.
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I agree with him, save the cash and get a standard one. The burst feature is a good feature for movement shots, but for stationary clicks, its ok to have standard, it jus makes the processing time a slight bit faster
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Most consumer DC`s do not write fast enough to make use of a "fast" card,,,and sometimes the Kodak digital cameras do not work well with them,,,there have been numerous posts in the past of people buying the fast cards to either find out they will not work,,,,or at the least that they will not improve anything,,,i`m in no rush,,,seems the DX6490 stores them fast enough for me,,,,i`m not a sports photographer anyway,,,and if i was,,,i`d get a DSLR capable of faster shutter times/larger files/focus locks,,,etc,,,,i`m tired of the 40 pound bag with 11 lenses,,,,,now i can travel light,,,and enjoy myself for a change...

Here`s something to ponder........not on this subject at all....i`m just bored and fell like typing i quess...

You know what i think (if anyone cares),,,,i think to much is placed on whether there are dust spots/artifacts/oil painting effects/smudgy looking grass,etc comments in these forums,,,,,people have to learn to take photos,,,,enjoy them,,,,,,and stop enlarging them to find weaknesses in each DC,,,,,take a photo,,,,look at it,,,enjoy it,,,show it to your friends,,,hang it on your wall,,,send it to a forum,,,,,,e-mail it half way arround the world,,,,,,photos are meant to be shared,,,too remind you of someone/something/somewhere/sometime,,,,,,,that you might not remember in a few years when you look at them again,,,they are for recording memories,,,

A good photographer can make a bad camera look good,,,,and a poor/uneducated photographer can make a good camera look bad,,why,,,,,,,,because the good photographer will find ways to work arround the weaknesses and show the positives in each camera,,,he will study it,,,,test it,,,,,and know that when in a certain place and time what will,,,,and what won`t work,,,,,and use this to his/her advantage,,,,,and come away with the picture he was told cannot be done...

Anyway i quess my point is that every DC will have it`s downfall,,,it`s up to you to show people,,,,, who say that your camera is not capable of certain shots,,,that the camera is,,,,,and if they were trying to make you look like you made a bad buy,,,,,,don`t tell them how you did it,,,that really gets them.....

I have a "friend" who bought a minolta,,,,,who told me that the DX6490 was a "bad buy",,,due to the hype on the compression issue,,,i gave him a copy of my Bald Eagle pics i took the other day,,,,and a bunch of my macro shots,,,,,,,,,,

His DX6490 should arrive in a few days he tells me,,,does this mean the DX is better,,,maybe,,,maybe not,,,,maybe he needs to listen to be able to learn.....

Anyway i`ll post a few pics and call it a night i quess,,,,Kodak fans keep the pics coming,they`re free you know,,so is posting them here for everyone to enjoy...

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I purchased a SanDisk Ultra SD card and it didn't work with the DX6490 so I returned it. The write speed of the camera isn't fast enough for the card. Stick with the regular SD cards.
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