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bperk Jul 13, 2004 1:38 PM

I've liked myKodak DX3600 and I'm ready to upgrade. Things I didn't like: little to no optical zoom, slow startup and shutter lag, and small mps.

The new camera will be used for lots of shots of children, inside, outside, sports, vacation vistas. I'm not very experienced shooting so I rely a lot on cropping and use Adobe Photoshop to fix pictures(crop, clone, etc.). I can'tspend over $500. I really liked that the 6490 hasgreat 10x, plus it's EVF, however,heard the shutter lag is really slow. With kids, I need quick shots (is it really that bad?). For my cropping, I thought the 7630 sounded great with its 6mps, however, it only has a 3x optical! The new 7440 seems nice and has lots of good options (i.e. fast), even though it's a 4x optical (that's still a step up for me).

I like that 7630 & 7440 are more compact but because of many of the 6490's features, I'd gladly deal with it's more square design if I thought it wouldtake faster pics. I usually only print 4x6 & 5x7's but have occasions to print 8x10's as well. If I got some great shots of the kids or vistas I'd like to do11x14.

Any suggestions out there between these three? I'm leaning more toward the 7440 & the 6490. Not expecting someone to make my decision but thought you experienced ones could point out what might be better for my amateur situation (want to become more creative and experienced on photography, so need a little growing room camera). Thanks!! Bperk:bye:

Cold Snail Jul 13, 2004 4:44 PM

Welcome to the forum.

Brian will probably answer this better than I will, but here goes.

Firstly the DX6490 - I have one.

The x10 lens isgood for getting shots of birds/animals that don't want you in their space, but the focus doestake it's time and there is a noticeable shutter lag.

Now the DX7440.

Fast, x4 zoom and adjustable JPEG compression. - Sounds good for a pocket camera.

Finally the DX7630.

Only x3 zoom, (but my daughter's CX6230 is fine) 6mp - so you could do some cropping and the adjustable JPEG settings as the 7440.

I have read a few reviews on the 7630 and the problem it seems to suffer with is the increased noise at higher ISO's.

This is a problem with squeezing 6mp on such a small sensor. (don't worry most 6mp digital cameras suffer from this)

If you can wait, the DX7590 is coming, which is a mega-zoom,(maybe x12) 5mp and hopefully faster than the 6490.

Over to you Brian........

brianhare Jul 13, 2004 8:07 PM

ha,ha,ha,,,your quite a guy Paul...

Well,,if shutter lag is your priority,,,then the newest of the kodaks is the answer,7440,,the 7630 with the extra megs can actually be used to some extent as zoom,,,,it may lack some optical zoom,,,but you can crop and enlarge more,,,thus zooming in on the subject you want...

I have no complaints with my 6490,,,it takes pics beyond belief,,,i`ll never regret getting it....

If you are not in a rush i`d wait for the next DX,,,,7590???,,,it`ll definately be worth the wait,,,they have to improve upon what i already have,,,and a lot of other 6490 owners have,,,or it`ll never sell,,,so we expect it to have a lot more,,,certainly the shutter lag and compression options will be added..

the 7440 is a nice cam,,,a lot of people are getting them and are quite pleased,,,but i won`t open my wallet more anything with less than 10X zoom,,,,,,you will find the larger size means nothing when you can go to 380mm,,instead of under 150,,,,,,

Shutter lag,,,well there are some faster for sure than the 6490,,,,but i do not find it a problem in the least,,,,some complainers feel it should be faster,,,but not at the price it sells for,,,and for what you get,,,that lense is awsum.....

One fact for sure,,,if you were buying a good 35mm camera,,,you`d get an SLR,,then you would get the lenses,,,,,and you would not stop until you had at least a 210mm in your will find if you buy a 10x or greater lense you will never want less,,,but if you buy a 3-4X lense you maybe won`t miss it,,,but i`ll always get the shot you can`t,,,shutter lag or not...

This is,,,hands down,,,the best camera i`ve ever owned,,,bar none,,and that says a lot,,i`ve owned my share..

As soon as kodak brings it`s next long lense to market,i`ll be waiting,,and if it`s better,,,e-bay will see my used DC ,,,,


bperk Jul 13, 2004 10:11 PM

Thank you Cold Snail and Brian! If the 7590 was coming out within the next 2 months, I'd wait. However, in 2 wks I'll be without a digital camera (sold my old 3600). I don't think I can wait for an undetermined date for another camera. I've seen rumors of late Oct. for the 7590. I'm almost tempted to buy the 7440 for now and learn a few things on it then after the 7590 has been out awhile, and you all have test driven it, I'll get it as my main camera and save the 7440 for my husband.:D

Thanks again for all the great postings and advice. I can't wait for the 7590! Maybe I'll be a decent amateur by then.



Scrumhalf Jul 14, 2004 12:08 AM

Also, remember that the 7590 will cost a pretty penny when it comes out.... I am also looking forward to the 7590 but I will probably wait a bit to allow the prices to taper off before buying....

Cold Snail Jul 15, 2004 5:04 AM

brianhare wrote:

As soon as kodak brings it`s next long lense to market,i`ll be waiting,,and if it`s better,,,e-bay will see my used DC ,,,,

Hold on a mo, what about passing on your (old) 6490 to your wife???????

Then she can show you how it's done, it would be a nice competition between you two.

brianhare Jul 15, 2004 6:36 AM

yup,,maybe,,,but she can also use my new one,,,,,doubt she would want her own,,she just likes using mine,,,no problems with that...


stephen_lumsden Jul 15, 2004 1:00 PM

Although I am largely statisfied with my 6440, it does seem to fall down sometimes though with muddy, blurry parts in certain detailed landscape photos, and the images are a bit soft sometimes, as in the examples below:

(Image muddy and blurry in parts, notice the sidewalks and areas of greenery.)

(image a bit soft, not sharp enough)

I get better shots with my slr for landscapes, but I really do not want to carry my slr around for landscape shots all the time.

Is this because of the lack of comperssion settings here and if so , is the new dx7440 any better, as I would be interested in upgrading to it.

brianhare Jul 15, 2004 8:48 PM

Stephen,,,not to be critical,,but if my DX6490 took pics like that i`d drive my car over it,,,the detail stinks,,,i`ve yet to see an image come from my DC even if i fudged it up myself....

You either did not set your DC to landscape mode,moved arround a lot (no tripod),,,or the DC is defective,,,both of these images lack any detail,,,if the former is not the problem the later is,,,and send it in too be repaired,,i`ve yet to see the 6440 take pics that badly,,,and i`ve seen a say you have an slr,,,i too had 2 SLR`s,,,,,,they will take better pics then a 4meg digital for sure,,,but the 6440 takes excellent pics,,,,the first image looks sharper at the foreground than the background,,,indicating either you did not set the DC to landscape mode,,,,or when you did,,,,it failed to do so,,tryit a few more times,,,if you get the same on landscape mode as these,,,it`s defective,,,,that happens,,,,an old saying here goes like this..

If man made it,,,,man can screw it up too...

Let us know how you make out....


Cold Snail Jul 16, 2004 1:10 AM

stephen_lumsden wrote:

(Image muddy and blurry in parts, notice the sidewalks and areas of greenery.)

Was this taken througha window? or were you on the roof?

(image a bit soft, not sharp enough)

Thiswas taken handheld with my DX6490from Victoria bridge looking the other way.

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