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Hi all,

I just bought a DX6490 - a store'sdisplay model.I can return it within 2 weeks if I find any problems, etc.

They didn't haveanother 6490 to compare it with but I know there are lots of 6490 owners here, so...

I noticed that the lens barrel seems to have a bit of 'looseness' to it. That is, when it is extendedit can be moved left and right and up and down slightly. Is this normal? The open/closing mechanism seems to function properly.

Anything else I should check when buying a 'used' camera?

Thanks in advance...


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There should be very little play in the lens. It might be ok, though... Try a couple of things:

1. Take some shots at your highest and lowest zoom settings. Check for distortion/vignetting in each corner. If you see any, take it back. You can always get a new one.

2. Take a shot of a test grid. Print it out and check for distortion of the lines.

3. Buy the kodak lens adaptor. You'll be getting one eventually... to add filters or other lenses. Once the adaptor is in place your lens is very well protected from lateral forces and won't move on you.

This is advice from a rank amateur; I'm sure some of the more experienced photographers in the forum might have better advice for you. For what it's worth, I've just purchased the Schneider-Kreuznach wide-angle lens and the TCON-17 and am extremely pleased with the results from both. I loved the dx6490 before, and these lenses make the camera a lot more versatile.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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I've just taken my adapter off for the first time in months and the lens does wobble.

I wouldn't worry about it, but it may be a good idea to get the adapter and leave it on, so if you accidentally knock the lens, it won't harm it at all.

I always leave a skylight filter on the end and just use a 55mm end cap.

All the best.


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Old Sep 1, 2004, 6:06 AM   #4
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Mine wobbles too. One of the online reviews mentions this, and it appears to be normal. A bit disconcerting the first time you notice it though. :-)
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