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Sinse most Kodaks, including DX6490 have reallyheavy compression, I'm going to be looking for people who know how to hack firmware. Some people are worried that the camera might break, that only would happen if you don't back up the current firmware.

Anyone got any information on how to this?
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i have been looking everywhere on every search engine i know and had no luck have you had anymore info since this post, and are people still interested in finding out how!:idea:
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The only recent Kodak that I've seen successfully hacked is the DX6340 (and even this hack is questionable, as to whether or not it really provides any improvement).

I strongly suspect that some of the JPEG algorithms may be in ASIC rather than firmware.

BTW, I don't know anyone that's successfully dumped the existing firmware from a newer Kodak model (and Kodak doesn't have any firmware updates for the DX6490 that someone could try to look at and modify).

Thisuser (going by the name of DigitalJeff on some forums), said this about the DX6340 firmware he modified not too long ago:

I found the quantization tables and modified them, but I've since lost interest after not much improvement was made. I know it worked, because the filesizes are much larger (~1.2 MB as opposed to ~600k.) But visually, I can't tell much improvement, so I reverted to the original firmware.

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