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Sweet Spot wrote:
Damn, you're not kidding when you say severe vignetting man ! I got the lenses a few days ago, and got some shots off finally yesterday. I love the macro lenses, and the telephoto is really cool, but if you don't zoom out about at least 3 clicks, the vignetting is really bad and renders the initial zoom useless unless you do some serious cropping.
When you think about it, this is not a serious problem, apart from the fact you have to make a conscious lens choice for your conditions. The reason you bought the telephoto is to extend your range. When you don't need the range, take the telephoto off. You're going to be happy with your new lenses.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Well sure, it's not a life or death situation, but It could be better. Here's a prime example: I live about 10 blocks from the Empire State Building, and I wanted to get some close up shots (full frame) from my balcony. The problem is, in situations like this, I lose part of what I want to shoot when I zoom in, in order to lose the vignetting. I may not want to actually get "as close" to the source as I have to get in order to get the shot.

Anyway, no, it's not the biggest deal in the world, and I'm pretty happy with it anyway. It's not like I was expecting a professional set up with my sub $300 gear ! :G
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