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Here are some answers:

1. What do the digits in Kodak's model numbers represent?

First digit=Model Year

Second digit=megapixel

Third digit=Optical Zoom (3=3x, 4=4x, 9=10x)

So the 7440 =(2004, 4MP, 4x OPT) and the 7630=(2004, 6MP, 3x OPT)

7440 came out around 08/2004 and the 7630 around 04/2004.

2. Reviews of the 7630 mention JPG compression that is "too aggressive". Does the same apply to the 7440? I haven't heard that about the 7440.

3. Do they have very similiar features? Yes and No, 7440 has better Optical Zoom at 4x and a better video at 640x480. The 7630 has more MP at 6MP compared to 4MP.

4. Is the flash the same on both models? 7440 has (wide: 0.6-4.0 m (2.0-13.1 ft.); tele: 0.6-2.3 m (2.0-7.6 ft.)) and the 7630 has (wide: 0.6 - 4.2 m (2-13.8 ft.); tele: 0.6-2.5 m (2-8.2 ft.)) So the 7630 has about a 7-8 inch better flash range.

5. Can I expect similarbattery life from both models? Very similar, just buy a spare battery and you will not have any issues. Docking station makes things very easy.

6. The 7440 appears to have a wider angle? Is the difference noticeable? Depending on the shot, you will notice a small difference.

7. The 7440 has a 4x optical zoom vs. the 7630's3x. Is that a big deal? Both have a 4x Digital Zoom which gives the 7440 a 16x total zoom and the 7630 a 12x total zoom. The 4x allows you to zoom 25% farther compared toa 3xwithout the digital zoom assistance, and then allows you to zoom to 16x compared to 12x overall. Either way that is a 25% gain.

8. If you have a 3.1MP, then a 4MP will only increase your max pixel size from 2048x1536 to 2304x1728. That is not that much. If you are looking for bigger prints, the increased MP will give you that.

The 7630 is around 300 at most stores and the 7440 I found as low as $238 here: (http://www2.buydig.com/shop/product....p;sku=KDDX7440).

You could get the 7440 with an extra 256MB SD card, an extra battery and case for the same price as the 7630. For 100 bucks more you can get the 7590 that would give you 5MP and 10x Optical. So they tailored the 7440 and the 7630 slightly different for the consumer - either go with more megapixels with the 7630 or go with the better zoom, video, and lower price of the 7440. That is what you have to decide.

I have been researching these for a couple of weeks and I may wait and get the 7590 since it would meet both of my requirements for more MP's and better Optical zoom.I have a Sony 3MP / 3x Opt right now, so it is hard to only go to a 4MP with the 7440 or just go to another 3x Opt with the 7630. That is why the 7590 is the probably the best option for a true "Upgrade". Yes, you have to pay more, but selling your current camera on eBay would probably compensate for the price difference.

Hope this helps, BTW, what Sony do you own?

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