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I have been looking at the DX 7630 and DX7440, after reading your opinions and doing research online, I went to Best Buy to try them both out. What I found when comparing pictures of a person from the same printer (you can print samples at Best Buy) is that the DX7630 overexposes and washes out a person when you are standing about 5 ft from them. However, the background looks nice and bright. On the other hand, the DX7440 tends to have a little better skin tone on the person without washing them out, but as many people have stated, the background colors are not quite as bright. So I am wondering given that, which is the better way to go with a flash? a Brigher flash that washes out your subject or a dimmer flash that darkens your background. I am new to photography, so I don't know how to control all the stuff and I am really looking for a point and shoot in auto or preprogrammed modes. I also set the camera to "party mode" for indoor shots and got the same results. When I turned the flash off on both cameras, there were shadows under the chin, but the 7630 continued to have a brighter overall picture. Any ideas on which flash is better or more ideal?

Thanks again!

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If you overexpose, valuable detail is lost,,if you have the choice always go under,not too much though,,you can always lighten the shot in a photo-editing suite.....

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you can always turn the flash down a stop...

but underexposing normally is better, easier to fix in photoshop..

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Considering the lighting at BB, I dont know if I would completely judge a camera by the pictures it takes there. Its usually pretty harsh, and not the kind of lighting you would use in your home
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