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I bought the model 7590 last night and played around with it after work today when I found something that made me wonder if the camera I bought last night at Sam's Club for $455 dollars is really brand new? I took some pictures and was playing around with the share button and hit the email pictures function. When I did that five names came up with boxes beside them to check for emailing. I had not even loaded the software on my computer yet so they were not from my address books in fact they not very common names like Isabella, Maria etc. My first thought was is this just an example that Kodak has on the camera and when I load the software will that come up? Then I thought maybe this wasn't a new camera that I bought but one that had been repackaged or refurbished but being sold as new through Wal-Mart?

Any thoughts on this before I try to call Kodak tomorrow. As luck would have it my computer crashed tonight and I have to rebuild the hard drive before I can load the software to see if this indeed was just an example on the camera. Any suggestions would be appreciated. So far the 10 pictures or so I have taken have all come out great and the camera is very easy to use.

Thanks for your help and those who answered my previous posts, I appreciate it.

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Hi Dot;

Not to worry; Kodak built a sample e-mail list for you. My 6490 lists Isabella, Maria, Michael and William. The idea is that you create your own e-mail list on your computer and upload to your camera. I've had my camera for five months now and have never used this feature.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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I have experienced one very interesting problem with inaccurate exposure metering. In Custom or Manual mode, lowlight scene, half-pressing the shutter button, in the upper-right corner of the LCD screen there is a green-point signalling that the exposure is accurate (besides the focus). But it is not. The snapshot is then very underexposed. Only one thing I have noticed before taking a snapshot was red value of the +-EV compensation (e.g. -7 EV). I dont use the flash.
So my question is - if the camera cannot make EV comp., why it is signalling right exposure via green point??? Isn't it a camera error? Do I have to always look at the EV compenstion values instead of that green dot?? I would like to avoid bad picture exposure metering. Thank you forward for your reply.

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