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Hi, my sister and I received an Easyshare CX7310 Kodak Digital Camera as a gift a little while ago and along it came a 128MB SD Memory card, well, after a bit of usage i now can not delete the images that as of right now has in it (about 97 pics), i can see the camera in windows (i am using it in a Win98 PC we have at home) and i can copy the pictures to my hard drive (the software that comes with the camera also sees the camera and can download the photos fine), but everytime i try to take a new photo it just does not show up in the camera as if it did not recorded it nor can i delete the ones i have and when i try to format the card using the menu in the camera it does as if it is formating but only to a couple of minutes later it tells me that i need to format the card one time after another, when i turn off the camera there are again all the pics in the camera even when i deleted one by one using that option in the camera, i tried deleting every photo via the windows explorer and i can do that but if i turn it off and on all pics show up again, none of the images are protected against deletion (not locked), the card is not locked (i tried switching the lock on and off to see if that helped but with no luck), tried to format the card via windows but it told me that it couldn't be done.

I tried using the internal memory and it works fine but not with the memory card.

Any idea what i could do besides buying a new card? or could it be that the one that's bad it's the camera? i am just really novice in this world of digital cameras.

I don't have a card reader at hand (we live in a city(ensenada, low california, México) were it's even difficult to find a computer store), but maybe i can use one in a café internet, i have been reading all night long the different problems, similar problems to mine, but i found not even one with such odd simptoms, i guess that maybe my SD card it's done but i want to try to make it work once again since it's a really long trip from here to the nearest store (San Diego, California, about 8 hours north from where i live) and here in México a 25-30 dll SD Card comes in about 80-90 dlls and i just do not have that kind of money right now.

Thanks in advance

( my e-mail it's: [email protected] )
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Well.... I'd make sure that you have full charged, high capacity NiMH Batteries in the camera (sometimes voltage problems can cause strange symptoms).

I'd also try removing and reinserting the Secure Digital Card in the camera a few times, just to make sure you've got a good connection.

To see if the card is good, you may want to try formatting it with a different camera. The problem could be the SD Card, or it could be the camera. Since you haven't tried using the card in another device (or tried using a different card in your camera), their is no way to tell.

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