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Most of the time I import photos with EasyShare from my DX7590, the software imports the photos fine, but crashes soon after. I have to end the task and then open the software again. Once I open it again, all the pictures are there, and the photos are off of my camera. Any suggestions?

Also, I would love to use Picasa as my organization software, but when I import photos, the option to delete the original pics from the camera is greyed out. According to the Picasa help: "This occurs with some cameras that use TWAIN/WIA drivers. You will need to delete pictures from your camera using the camera's functionality."

Arg. You'd think Picasa would work with a brand new model of camera and vice-versa.

Because of these problems, I decided to try Photoshop Album - it doesn't even recognize the DX750 as a camera, I have to use it as a folder. So then I grabbed Photoshop Elements 3.0 and it does everything amazingly - but it's a huge piece of software, taking much longer to load than I would like to have to wait every time.

Any thoughts on all of this would greatly be appreciated.
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I sent Kodak a question about my problem. Below is my question and their reply.

Name: Matt Corkum -Interactive Troubleshooting: Yes - System: Windows XP
Pro - Processor: Pentium 4 - RAM: 512 MB to 1.0 GB - Network: DSL -
Browser: Other - Country: CA - Question: When trying to use my DX7590
with software like Picasa and Adobe Album, I cannot have my pictures
deleted from the camera via the software. This supposedly has to do with
the TWAIN drivers. Is there a solution to this problem?

Greetings Matt,

We have received your e-mail regarding the KODAK EASYSHARE DX7590 Zoom
Digital Camera and KODAK EASYSHARE Software.

Please note that your camera is not TWAIN compliant as earlier models of
KODAK cameras.

TWAIN software is not a directly accessible program. Rather, it is an
interface program that resides on your system and is only visible when
accessed while using a TWAIN-compliant application (i.e. Adobe
PhotoDeluxe or KODAK Picture Easy) to 'acquire' images from your camera.
For example, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which came with earlier model KODAK
cameras, is a TWAIN-compliant application. In that program, if you open
the application, click on 'Get & Fix Photo,' click on the 'Get Photo'
tab, then click on the small arrow below the camera icon. A window will
pop up asking you to 'Select Your Input Source.' The items listed in
that window are all of your installed TWAIN devices, and selecting one
of these items selects the TWAIN-access software. You can then click on
the camera icon to open a window within the Adobe PhotoDeluxe software -
this is your TWAIN acquire module. Other TWAIN software will likely
work in a similar way.

KODAK MOUNTER software is a program that actually installs a virtual
'drive' on your system for your camera. If you double-click on the 'My
Computer' icon found on your desktop, you should see an icon that looks
like a picture of your camera and is labeled 'KODAK XXX Camera.' If
your camera is tethered to your computer, and ready to connect, just
double-click on this icon, and it will open a folder which directly
accesses the memory card within the camera.

If you want the picture remove from the device upon transfer, you are
presented this option from the EASYSHARE Software transfer screen.

We are glad to be of service and are here for you if you need us in the
future. If you do, please include any previous e-mail.


Kathleen C.
Kodak Information and Technical Support
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