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Hi guys,

First time on here, and I must say that this site is brilliant!

Well, last march I bought a DX4530 - brilliant cam which I loved to bits. A couple of weeks ago a mate of mine was selling a minolta dimage 7i. I sold the kodak for 120 pounds and bought the dinage for 210 pounds.

Bad decision!:shock:the photo quality of the dinage was rubbish compared to the point and shoot kodak.

So I made another quick decision to sell the dimage fast and buy another kodak!:idea:

Sold the dimage for 255 (profit:-)) and have just orderd a DX7630 with a 512sd card.

The reason why im staying with Kodak is the fact that the colour scene chip is brilliant, it reproduces colours so well - nice and vibrant.

Should be arriving on monday and I cantr wait

Anyway - nice too meet u guys and dose anyone have anything to say about the 7630?

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I've only had mine for about 10 days noww. And for the most part I love it. I really do. Its amazing what it picks up, in the photos... yesterday I took a pic of my son with my neice and i realized from that photo my son wasnt very good at cleaning under his nails lately:X

This is where my problem came in with my camera. I dont like that you dont seen the battery indicator until its just about to stop working, which i guess is common for kodak cameras now. And i have already had to return mine. After 6 days the lenses were making a bad noise when it moved up and down. The store exchanged it for me, but I am still worrried because I heard the same noise on the demo camera at the store.. though not as loud. that just makes me wonder if they are going to do with this with a lot of use. and i know its not a normal noise or else i would have heard it the whole time or even on this second camera i have.

but all the same I am enjoying the camera!
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Thanks for that info, the company that im buying off (http://www.digital-cameras.com) have very good customer service, I had to return my dx4530 to them.

Sounds like its very good at clarity, I like zooming right in on my computer and thats why I chose another kodak.

The DX4530 was the same with the battery indicator, but ive bought another battery for it, so I shouldnt get cought out!:G

What is the battery life like on it anyway? on my DX4530 I could take about 160 pics on high quality (about 10 with flash) before it cut off, that was with a set of 1700mAh batteries.

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