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I've posted this in the what camera should I buy section, but since I'm most interested in a Kodak I thought I'd post it here too.

I've been thinking for some time about getting a digital camera and started looking a couple weeks ago. I'm a novice with very little digi cam exp. From time to time I've thought about photography a hobby and I'm certian I would enjoy it. The problem is what camera do I start out with? For what ever reason I've been most interested in the Kodaks. I began looking at $200 ones and they looked decent, 4Mp and 4X optical. I believe it was a dx7440. Then I saw the 7630 (6MP, 3X) for about $325. I then stopped in a camera shop and the owner suggested higher zoom. His reasoning was since I have young children, I would want the zoom as they become involved in various activities (gymnastics and such). So that got me thinking about the 7590 (5Mp, 10X). At about $400 with mail in rebate that is a little more than I wanted to spend. So then I started reading in this forum and someone had wrote that 10X zoom is about worthless without an image stabilizer (the 7590 doesn't have one from what I gathered).

I seems several here recommend the Panasonic fz 15 or 20. It looks like a great camera but man thats a lot of cash for a small hobby. Yes, quality photos of the youngins will be priceless years from now but I cant see spending quite that much.

I guess I'm asking what others think about the necessity of an image stabilizer for a 10X camera. I could use a tripod at times but would be inconvient at other times. Does the ability to significantly crop a 6Mp pic kinda "make up" for having less zoom?

What do some of you think about just going with a 4Mp, 4X camera? I know I've read here that one should buy the best that they can reasonably afford. But would this type camera be satisfactory?

By the way I expect I would use this camera for a little bit of everything--the kids, wildlife, nature, sporting events and whatever else comes along.

Thanks for reading all of this and Thanks for any words of wisdom.
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Well i`d definately recommend the Kodak brand to a beginner,,,why,,because it`s menu system is so easy to navigate,,,and easy to understand,,this is extremely important,,,i`ve seen people that were not able to understand all the piles of menu items sell their cam to get another easier to use model,,,

Canon,Panosonic,Minolta,etc are not near as easy to use as the kodak`s....

As for image stabilization,,,you do not HAVE to get it,,,but it does help in long telephoto zoom shots.....but,,,,if you have enough light or turn the ISO up and have a decent shutter speed,,,you can definately take good pictures without it...

Indoor action shots at sporting events without a DSLR are very hard to get with any repeatability,,,usually blurry when zoomed alot because there is not enough light and the shutter speeds will be low,even if you turn up the ISO (film speed)..outdoors in daylight is not a problem.....

Unless you really want the 10X zoom i`d go for either the DX7440 or the DX7630,,,both are excellent cameras and very easy to use,,,with a lot of manual mode operations that will let you grow too with it....

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I don't agree with the statement that 10x without IS is worthless. I've got a Kodak DX6490, which has 10x optical zoom. To tell the truth, I've never wished that it had IS. There are very few times I've needed to use 10x indoors and outdoors (during daylight, at least) the 10x works very well without IS. I've got kids and I've tried to take photos of them inside the ice rink, and they did turn out quite blurry, but I attribute that to the fact that they are moving quickly rather than camera shake.

For wildlife and nature shots, the 10x on the 6490 (and 7590) is great.

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I agree, in my experince the 7590 is as close as you can get to a dSLR for at least half the price. If you are looking to get into it as a hobby I would recomend a 7590 for a cammera that will give you a good taste, without limiting you as you grow and wanting to upgrade a year from now. If you get into it and want to improve your shots, get a Wide Angle lens, some filters, and a external flash. If you find its not for you, you still have a great cammera for taking family photos and such. Good luck
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I'm a novice too, but trust me you will love that 10X zoom. I bought this camera specifically for the zom. My Son graduated USMC Boot Camp, San Diego. I figured I would be a long way from the action,(for once I figured right,LOL). That 10X allowed me to capture images that a lesser zoom would have missed. You just have to concentrate on holding your hand a little more steady. The menu's cuoldn't be easier to use either.

I've got the DX6490 but I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 7590.

Here is a pic of my Son that I shot at about 125 yards.

Attached Images
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I went out "testing" cameras one day. I was seriously considering the 7590 but while I was playing around with it, taking pics in the store and whatnot, it seemed awfully shakey to me. Looks like an awesome camera and I am sure that it is, but with all that shake, I reconsidered. I'm not one for using tripods and my hands are definatly not that steady. I ended up getting the DX7630 at an amazing price ($379 including the dock, a 512mb SD card, and shipping and tax). Its a 6.1 megapixel and the 3x optical zoom. I would have liked MORE zoom but for now, I am sure it will work out just fine for my purposes. Good luck with your decision!!!


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Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps another trip to the store to check them out a little more. It seems 7440 would be a good pocket-size camera but would be somewhat limited (a lot cheaper though). On the other hand, I could spend more now and get more features as well as a camera that is "expandible" (wide-angle lense, filters and whatnot). Now if I could only get the 7590 for the same price someone in another thread did, I'd be picking it up asap.

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I've got the DX7630 and overall it's a super camera. Highly recommended.


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I have KODAK DX3215, DX6340, DX 6440, and a KODAK DX 7590. I like the DX7590. If you can locate a DX6490 I think you'll like it also.

My vote is



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