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I've been using the camera for a couple of months trying as many of the different controls as possible in order to determine what works best. I think it is always better to try yourself first before asking for help. The manual is simply a statement of what the controls do (fair enough) rather giving guidance on what works best for different situations. Two situations seem to cause me most problems.

First outdoor photographs with the nearest objects at least 100 yards away (ie not close ups of people) when the conditions are dull and cloudy. The images seem to lack clarity and are often dark. When using exposure compensation it is very difficult to judge what the right amount is. I do not have camera set on continuous focus. When I press the shutter button halfway down there is often a change in brightness in screen image when green light shows which I assumed was a result of the exposure compensation. I thought that this would mean that when the picture was taken the review would look exactly the same as seen on screen but often it is still darker. I know you can use exposure bracketing etc but this quickly fills cards and having to sort out images is tedious. Am I misunderstanding the effects that I am seeing? I resort to using exposure adjustment in the Easyshare software but the exposure compensation in the camera appears to use an increased shutter speed rather that software to lighten the image.

The second scenario is indoor photographs in places such as museums. The flash will usually fire automatically but often the image with flash is darker than when the flash is turned off but not always. It is this inconsistency that frustrates me. I've even had a situation when a picture taken with flash and then subsequently taken with flash but -0.3 (ie minus!!) exposure setting where the first is darker than the second!! Have also tried varying ISO setting which produced some improvement but auto ISO invariably seems to use 80 although I realise this should produce sharper images or have I got that one wrong as well. Any suggestions since I often take half a dozen images to get one good one? Should I simply revert to fully auto mode and accept what the camera gives me?

Sorry this is a long query and some people will have already turned off but these forums seem an ideal place to swap experience. Incidentally I have sharp and normal colour set but have not yet experimented with centre-weight and spot metering nor centre zone focus. Any views on that? I have also tried manual mode with not much success since getting out of the red seems to require very long shutter speeds. Many thanks.

PS sorry about first blank message, copying from Word I forget that text in Forum was White!!

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I've had a look at my DX7440 and this is my thought on the subject.

I can simulate under exposure by covering the exposure sensor with my finger. I am just wondering if the sensor of your camera has a bit of dirt on it which is causing your photographs to become dark. If you look at the front of the camera you will see 3 small holes (microphone holes) and just above that is another hole ( exposure sensor); above that is the redLED that blinks when the camera is recording a video.

Looking at the sensor, it is set back in the camera and has a thin black plastic rim around it. Check to see that the sensor looks as though it is sitting correctly and the black rim is not distorted and partly blocking the hole. You could also check for any dirt in the hole while you are at it.

I would also say that the easyshare software very often lightens my photographs when I enhance them.

Best of luck.


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I don't really fancy typing this out again.

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I did manage to reproduce your flash problem. It seems if you don't give the flash enough time to recharge between shots the light emitted will not be constant. This will become even worse as the battery charge depletes. I hope this helps explain the problem mystery


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Thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at light sensorand it does not appear dirtyetc. Iguess there may have been possibility of taking flash too soon but I was certainly not aware of doing that. I agree that both of these suggestions would account for some of the issues. Perhaps I should clarify my query. It is not that I can't get a good well exposed image, it is just that I can't seem to be able to consistently do it first time. Incidentally is there any indicator which tells you the flash will fire before you take picture? Thiswas the case with my 35mm film camera. Maybe I've just missed it. Thanks again.
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Thank you Paul. Very helpful info explained so even I can understand it.Thanks for the link as well


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