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Wow Kodak finally got back to me. I am now convinced that I could be a tech expert at Kodak because they know less than I do! Naturally they tried to blame the battery for the power up issue. Just to humor them I did try a spare brand new battery I have. and naturally the only button that turns the camera back on is the power button. Their suggestion...send it in for service!Well I don't really care if i push button a or b or c and i sure dont want to wait for them to tell me that they probly made an error in the manual...so I guess we live with it. By the way their reasoning behind this feature is to save battery life.


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hi dan279,

thanks for checking with kodak and posting the results. that is about what i figured they would say though. aside from that irritating feature it is an otherwise excellent camera. i will just have to use my 6490 for wildlife shots using the tripod.

hey dawg,

don't ever teach your wife to shoot, i did and i've heard that threat a time or two. i once had a double barrel 12 gauge stuck in my face(not by my wife though) the worst she ever did to me was whack me with a 2x4(hurt like h--- by the way) said she didn't mean to, but i wonder... she sorta had a crazed look at the time.

Those gun barrels do look big from the business end don't they? by the way that marlin .444is a really sweet rifle.

thanks to everybody for the feedback, it is much appreciated.


Bob M

p.s. jilyon, yours really does power back up?

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If you live through it, they all say they're sorry. And a barrel from that end looks H-U-G-E!! And Bob have you noticed they get that crazed look when they have YOUR paycheck in their hand and when they do something they'll say their sorry for? Like hit you when your not looking? Or drop something on you? That's a wife everytime. Don't you just love em? Oh yeah, Kodak probably hires the same people for tech help that I've been running into at the Wal-Mart.

Masochist Married Dawg.
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