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What is the reason, that a lot of camera makers are using Electronic Viewfinders(EVF), instead of Optical? It seems really silly to me. This is why I chose the Kodak DX7440, for it's optical viewfinder. It may not be totally accurate on this camera, but it works. Any opinions?
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optical viewfinders are nice for panning with the subject,,,but can way off in what you actually see and what you capture,,,,,and for 10x cameras they simply do not work,,,

An evf has it`s advantages too though,,,all system info can be displayed as the LCD does,,,,it has another advantage too that your camera does not have,,it can gain up in low light so you can actually see what you are taking a picture of...

Optical viewfinders on a camera with optical zoom have to zoom too,,,so more moving parts are involved..

Both have their advantages,,,but the low light gain up feature is the EVF plus..

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Have to agree with Brian, having an EVF on a DC is almost as good as owning a DSLR, at least there is little or no Paralax Error.

My wish list for Kodak is that they had fitted an EVF to the DX7630 instead of the crazy and pokey little Optical Finder.

As an ex SLR user I can understand why you like an Optical Viewfinder but all DCs with the exception of DSLRs suffer with the same problems as a Rangefinder Film Cameras when it comes to macro, close up photography and Portraits, the dreaded Paralax Error.

DX7630, DX6490, DX7590x2
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