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I was comparing the Z700 and Z740, with my DX7440. I noticed in Steve's reviews, that most of the files are smaller. My DX7440 produces larger file sizes, for the same pictures that Steve took.

The Z740 is a 5MP camera, yet the file sizes for most of the pictures are smaller than what my DX7440 4MP makes. Looks like Kodak is using even more compression in their newer cameras? Why?
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They may be in the z models,,,,because they are basically to be sold with the printer dock,,,to newbies,,,,who will not only print pics,,,but are not concerned with every little microscopic detail being perfect at full pixel resolution.....

They aren`t all like that though,,the z7590 is only the dx7590 with a diff connector for the new docking station,,,,,and histogram....everything else is unchanged....

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Maybe its less of an issue on a 5 MP camera,I have the Z740 andwould not even havethought about the compression until reading this thread.

It is suprising that Kodak don't givesome control over compression. I use the 5 MP mode and am getting 159 pictures on a 256MB memory card, with other camera's this cardhas usually been in the 97 - 105 range, so it looks like compression is half as much again, although we are still probably talking quite low rates of compression.
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