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Justgot a Kodak CX7530 digital camera, but I cannot get the EasyShare software installed! When it says "installing EasyShare software" a box pops up and says Setup failed while attempting to install a package. Error code 1722x17x2951053040x. Then it asks me if i want to go to their website and find a solution. I did that, but it didn't help at all. It just said make sure you meet all the requirements. I'm sure that my computer meets all the requirements, because i have a fairly new pentium 4 windows xp computer. the only thing i'm not 100% positive on is how much ram i have. there has been a buble that pops up on the bottom left hand side of the screen that says virtual memory low when i turn the computer on. I haven't noticed anything wrong until i tried to install the software. Any help is greatly appreciated. thank you!
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You don't absolutely have to have easyshare software installed to download pictures when you have windows xp. xp will recognise your camera. the only thing is that easyshare will put all the photos from a session into a folder with the date that it was downloaded to the computer on it. Do you have other photo editing software installed on your computer? if you do, i would just bypass easyshare until you can get more memory.


Bob M

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There was a question about this in another forum I go to. The cause of the software not installing was the latest security update by Microsoft. I was a week or 2 ago. It installed a new Installer. The new installer is not letting some software install.

Kodak is supposed to be working on the problem. But , you can install the software if you first un-install the new Microsoft installer, then install the Easyshare software, then go to microsoft and re-install the new installer. Weird huh? LMAO

It was installed on my 'puter 4/13/05. You can check the history of your updates at the msupdate site.

Here it is at Microsoft update site:

Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1

The Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 is the application installation and configuration service for Windows. The additional features in version 3.1 help make creating, distributing, and managing updates to applications easier and more efficient.

How to Uninstall
This software update can be removed via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Help and support
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Since your computer uses the hard drive for virtual memory and the easyshare soft is a space hog you may be running low on disc space. After loading the Kodak software on my computer, everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING loaded slower. reboot was a long drawn out afair. So I dumped the Kodak software and started loading my photos directly from the camera. I'll never go back to the Kodak software ever!!
My photos load in a few seconds and with Photoshop elements I don't need the other one.


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I guess I should have said this in my previous post:

I did install the Kodak software (2 separate times) and didn't like it. So, like bigdawg, I removed it and now load the pics to 'puter directly from camera. Works great and 'puter starts faster without the Kodak Easyshare software installed.
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I also had a problem with the kodak software, so I just kept my canon software and it works perfect. The canon software doesn't mind the pictures coming from a kodak camera. What happens is the canon software makes a folder called cx7530 and wala click on to that folder and do what you have to do. Late!
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