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Thanks all.

I don't know what exactly to say about the condos. The area used to be ratty lobster and fish processing places perched on rotting piers(you can see one in barn-red paint in the water; there's a boarded-up dark gray one in some of the other views).

The condos arepretty well situated for high-end occupancy. A couple of blocks north is the financial district, where a lot of money is made by making money (and a lot is made by losing money, too). More or less at my back is our new Federal Court building, jam-packed with well-paid lawyers and judges

... fully one-fifth of our new Court Houseconsists of a 5-story high useless lobby whose energy needs (heat in winter, a/c in summer) gobbles enough to power a small town. The curved glass front concentrates sunlight down onto the courtyard, acting asa solar reflector that fries the grass,trees and anyone standing there on a sunny day. 'Course it doesn't matter, as its all paid for by the rest of us.

As for the skies -- the day later turned into a scene similar to Cold Snail's. But by then, I wasn't going to invest another hour and half by driving into Boston again. Besides, Boston faces east andis a sunrise city. When the sun is overhead, there's not much detail to pick out, and when it's in the west, everything is shadows.
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Hey DG, you could fill in for Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes if your present job doesn't pan out. I laughed ot loud while reading your last post. I think I smelled a little curmudgen on your breath there!! ROTFL and HMS. Have a good rest of the day......

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