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I've set up this form in order to compare the pros & cons of the new "deck of card" sized cameras in the $400 price range w/5 mega pixels, that have come out in the past 6 months. Specifically I'm interested in comparing Kodak v550, Sony Cyber-shot T33, Nikon Coolpix S1 and the Canon Powershot SD400.

I realize that the majority of these cameras will be used by people more interested in capturing a moment at a bar than framing that perfect shot for a calendar. However, these cameras do have the ability to take ‘calendar' quality photos as well as their user-friendly versatility in taking shots, and it's these features that I'm most interested in.

Currently I'm leaning towards the Kodak v550 b/c it has both the 2.5" screen, a view finder, 30fps video, and 20 different shot modes. The above mentioned cameras do not have one or more of these features.

Despite these differences, what camera produces the best quality photos? Fastest shutter speed? Most reliable? Most user friendly? Etc.

Essentially, of the above 4 cameras what do people recommend and why?
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You might want to ask this in the forum, Digicam Help > What Camera Should I Buy?

Somebody there might have actual experience with more than one.

Kodak has good service... don't know anytlhing about the service record for Sony, Nikon or Canon. Kodak video is not the strong point of Kodak's cameras, and the shot modes are (at the moment, anyway) under documented, so you'll have to experiment to see what each one automates and/or selects. I've used the shot modes maybe twice -- in fact, I pretty much forgot about them until you mentioned them.

Kodak color harks back to the color-heightened Kodachrome / Ektachrome days, so you get pictures with that punchy, National Geographic look to them. Colors are a bit on the warm side. Some object to this -- along with most, I like it. And I've found the Kodak interface very easy.

For photo quality, compare full size example photos of the major reviews (here at Steve's, Digital Camera Resource, Digital Photography review and so on). Some complain about Kodak's aggressive compression, but I've seen objectionable JPEG artifacts only on a few picture of mine, though I don't do either bars or calendars.

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