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Good job, Brian. I see you had a wee bit of wind there too. I'm up in north Ontar-i-o for a little family rebellion and took a few shots myself last night. We had some winds howling out of the northwest. That throws a little more challenge into the equation - but does add some interesting effects too.

I was actually thinking of you this morning when a hummingbird showed up on the deck. I hope I'll get a shot or two before the weekend's over.

Happy Canada Day

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

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Old Jul 2, 2005, 10:52 AM   #12
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What are the settings you used(exif info perhaps)?
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Old Jul 2, 2005, 12:09 PM   #13
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Sorry for not replying guy`s,,been busy as heck.............

I`ve found that i get the best shots off at f5.6 and 2-3 seconds in "M" mode,,,,i used only 2 secs last year,,but am beginning to think 3 secs works better,,,depends on how bright the burst is.....

Use a tripod,,,you must set the DC to landscape mode,,,close to the action is better,,about 1/2 mile or so,,,and as soon as you see the the thing leave the ground hit the shutter button,,,this gives you the trailers up to the explosion,,,looks more interesting,,also if you can get some city lights in i find that adds to the depth of the picture and also gives reality to the actual size of the explosion....

It`s kind of a game of chance,,,,if you get a really bright one,,even 2 secs is too much and you get a pile of red glare.....but if you set the shutter speed for less,,,then you`ll not get the full strem of the firework.....so take as many as you can,,pump the bugger out of the shutter button.....as we all know,,,,you spend more time waiting for the "PROCESSING" blue screen than we anything else,,,which is frustrating as heck,,,,while you are waiting,,,lots are still going up and i`m missing them,,,next year i`ll have 2 cameras,,,and just run between them,,lol


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Great shots, Brian. and thanks for the info, I can't wait to try it


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Old Jul 2, 2005, 8:19 PM   #15
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Cool pics of a hard to catch subject,,nice one BrianHare


thanks for the settings info.
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Really nice firework pics, Brian. Thanks for sharing your settings.

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Old Jul 2, 2005, 10:21 PM   #17
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Have you posted any of these on the photo challenge forum? They would be winners!! Again great shots Brian and Blimpy or what ever it was Paul said!!! LOL

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