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Thanks Dawg and Pablo for the offer..:-)..I just need to take the time and spend that time looking it over..but doncha worry..lol..I will be asking questions when I do.I'm one of those who say.."oh..there's a manual??".But like Sandy says it's all depends what you want to do..thats why I have 3 or 4 different ones on my hard drive....and Dawg..don't worry ...totally different list...lol.
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Well thank the Lord fer that!! Had me worried fer a minit ther!!

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I use Picture Publisher 10by Micrograx (now Corel). It's no longer sold . It's like the poor cousin to Photoshop. It's a great program. I have Photoshop 5.5, the acedemicversion.It's adiscounted full version for teachers, but Iuse it very little. I also use PP9.

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Marinjo wrote:
Photoshop Elements 3 could be a good choice, because it's aimed primarily on digital photo editing. As it happens frequently different soft has each it's strength. I like both- Photoshop Elements 3 and Pcasa 2. On some tasks I preffer PE 3, on other Picasa2- "Levels" in PE3, "Fill Light" in Picasa2. One thing that excells PE is ability toadd valuable plug-ins, like Focus Magic.

I have noticed that PE3 is very weak in the fill light area. I compared some photos that I retouched with Picasa2 and PE3 using only fill light and Picasa beat PE 3 hands down.
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For picture management, quick fix, cropping, and printingI really like Picasa2; I find Picasa's auto modes production much better one-click results compared to PE3. Still, for work beyong basic editing (cloning, etc), Picasa2 can't handle it.
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I use ACDSee for picture management, cropping, resizing and some editing (filtering and such). Works pretty well for me. I also have Photshop 7, which I am still learning.
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