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fgreenhut ('s friend) wrote:
• The P850 is 5 megapixel with a lens to match the FZ20 and image stabilisation, though it doesn't seem to have any manual focus abilities
Yes it does:


Fred - appreciate it wasn't your comment, but thought I should make others aware of the manual contents.

Not as nice as a manual focus ring [as on the 880] but I suspect to get that you end up with a monster like the Sony 828...

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I used to pick my rotweiller up by the scruff of his neck and he weighed 150 lbs. I don't care that much for compactness. Give me a camera with man sized buttons and a lens that will go from really wide angle to a far reaching zoom. Do they use the Mayor of Lollipop Land to test these or what??? Oh yeah Ian sorry for the tirade. They call it a hybrid auto-focus. I guess it's better than no manual focus. Not really knocking these, it's just so frustrating to try to find what you know would be a great tool for your hobby. They go in half measures. Why not go all the way and see where the chips fall. There are a lot of guys like me that shop at the big and tall that can put a full sized DSLR in their pocket like a cigaret lighter and would like to have all the features on one camera. Again I tirade!! Sorry folks, the wife said I couldn't get the P850 for a while!! &^%**&&%$#@@!!#$#$$$

Dawg calming down
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Thanks for the correction Ian.
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