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Tom Overton Aug 7, 2005 11:34 PM

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This late-evening study combines a slow shutter and intentional zoom with the Kodak wide-angle lens to create a very soft effect. I mention this before I get complaints that this is too soft. That being said, tell me what you think. Is this too soft?


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

dan279 Aug 8, 2005 2:26 PM

Hmmm...maybe a wee bit too soft for my liking, Tom. But it is an interesting effect.


alandjo Aug 8, 2005 6:26 PM

Yes Tom it is, but that said I'm always making the scenes to hard so you can't please everone.


Tom Overton Aug 8, 2005 6:47 PM

I was trying to go for the cultish "Holga" look. I'm not giving up yet. Thanks for looking.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

Boily Aug 8, 2005 7:01 PM

it looks like ice !!!

Bob Mevis Aug 8, 2005 9:50 PM

It's a little soft, Tom But not all together unpleasing. At least you come up with ideas for shots, I just live vicariously thru you guys,


bigdawg Aug 9, 2005 12:48 AM

Maybe a wee bit too soft Tom. But don't stop trying and posting the results.


Tom Overton Aug 9, 2005 10:20 AM

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Ok, at the risk of beating this poor old horse a while longer, here is a B/W conversion of "Soft Water". Also, check out this link google "Holga".

The Holga is practially the world's cheapest medium-format camera (around $20) with wildly unpredictable results. Common "flaws" (they call them "features")include light streaks, severe vignetting, colour shifts, etc.It has quite a following among "art" photographers; some people own a bunch of them. Of course, a lot of people hate them. It's an acuired taste.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

bigdawg Aug 9, 2005 12:17 PM

The B&W is better but still a wee bit too much softening for me. I believe I know what you mean by aquired taste. I've yet to eat Poke Salad and keep it down. My wife loves it!!


Bob Mevis Aug 9, 2005 1:11 PM

poke salad annie...poke salad annie...poke salad annie, hmmmm wish i could remember more of that song, LOL.


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