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Boily wrote:
What should I put ??

What does it mean??
Hi Boily again,

Image was a "house brand" product some years ago , affiliated to a store name.
I forgot the store name which sell this brand, may be memories will be back to me one day :G. It's a bit like the Quantaray brand name in the US.

Myself, I have an Image flash, dedicated to Nikon camera, and still work. This flash should be 10-15 years old (only).

In my opinion, this is a Manual/Auto flash with a choice of slave mode or normal mode (via hotshoe or via sync cord). The slave "on" instruct the flash to be triggered in sync with the camera internal flash, slave "off" means it is triggered via hotshoe or a sync cord.
But this flash seems not to be a "digital slave" that take into account preflashes. In slave flash mode, if your camera preflash, this flash will be triggered with the preflash of the camera, and then won"t flash when it come the right moment. If you can get your camera flash not preflashing , it will be OK.

Manual mode : there is no partial power setting: you got only full power. The table shown give you the aperture corresponding to a ISO setting and a distance to subject. For example, if the camera is set at 100 ASA, and the subject is at 2 meters, use a F-stop of 8 (aperture ) to get a correct flash exposure.

Automode: (some calls this auto-aperture , auto-thyristor, etc…) is a mode where the flash control itself to insure you a correct flash exposure corresponding to a certain aperture (F-stop) setting. In your case, there is not many choices (as in more advanced auto flashes) : only one choice depending which ISO settings you set in the camera (or what film sensitivity you use in the camera) . For instance: if you set the camera at ISO 100, than the green scale indicate you to use 2.8 aperture, the flash will correctly expose the subject by sensing the light bouncing back from the subject via the sensor in the front, below the IMAGE letters.

Either in Manual or Auto mode, you have to use manual exposure of the camera (to set the aperture) The shutter speed has no effect on the flash illumination since the flash burst is very short comparing to the highest speed you can set. The speed will however influence the ambient scene exposure (whatever is not illuminated by the flash).

This flash is not a dedicated flash , so absolutely no TTL in anyway. You can check yourself the hotshoe, it should have onlyone center pin .

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