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Good clear shot Bob,

now because I am new with this and would like to get the lenses/filters etc.. Other then the Kodak 55m lense adapter.....I see all these lenese available but not sure what ones will/won't work... I do appreciate your time in assiting me with this

Thats another one hooked :G

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I think I sense another TCON17 being sold!!! LOL

Dawg at work!
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Yup i think hes hooked and i know just were he can get his Tcon 17.

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Bob Mevis wrote:
Manual mode, shutter 1/200, F-6.3, focal length 63 mm equiv. ISO 80, spot metering and I was using my TCON1.7 telephoto, w/tripod and self timer.
Will the TCON1.7 directly attach to the Kodak lens adapter - meaning that it has a 55mm lens screw? If so, what's the price of these puppies in U.S. dollars? Kodak's 1.4x teleconverter is going for almost $150, and that seems kind of high to me...
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Yes the Tcon 1.7 is 55mm and fits nicely, at least on the dx7590 adapter. B+H sells it for $92.95+ shipping



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Hey Guys, thanks for the responses...I think might have to take a visit to the online sites you posted for me ... I think my wife will ban me from this site with news toys I would like to buy lol!!!

Much Appreciated!!!

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