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I've read that when printing digital photo's they will be resized at the photo store or this should be done in advance.

- Can someone tell me why and if it isn't how this will affect the print??

- Are there utilities or programs to resize digital photo's??

- Won't the quality decrease when resizing??

Any help is appreciated...

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From what I heard, one shouldn't resize at all, but instead crop to the printing ratio. That's what I did, and mine have all turned out fine.
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Your camera probably takes photos in a 4:3 ratio format, which is the same as your computer screen. A 4 X 6 print is in a 3:2 ratio, so some has to be removed from the long side. It is usually best to crop them yourself. That isn't considered "resizing" even though the image is a little smaller after you crop it. You shouldn't actually resize the image.

This is a nice little free utility for cropping to standard sizes for printing: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

Another alternative is to get 4.5 X 6 prints rather than 4 X 6. Many local and online photofinishers will do that at no extra cost, but they don't fit in some photo albums.

This is an example I had online for another thread. The gray area is what the photofinisher would crop off to give a 4 X 6 print. You would do better to crop it yourself and cut the feet off more and not lose part of the tall person's head:

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