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Old Oct 10, 2005, 8:45 AM   #1
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Well the camera arrived today faster than I expected.
I love it! The 1gb card (adata myflash) I bought seems to work fine in it, and it takes nice photos, although I am still learning it!

Bit disapointed though as for a factory refurb, as new, perfect condition with warranty it has a few problems...

The lens has a tiny scratch on it... This cant be normal for a refurb "new" camera surely??
The warranty cards are for the USA, no mention of UK
The power supply is a 2 pin usa type, not a 3 pin uk type..
The camera itself looks "almost" new, but is obviously used, and you can see that from the tiny scratches on the case in some places.
The custom insert for the dx6490 is missing, just the standard one is supplied by the looks of it (the one in the manual appears to be moulded to fit the camera, the one on the dock seems to be the "flat" standard one illustrated in the manual..

I have emailed the seller to see if they can do something, maybe send out a replacement and then when it arrives I can stop using this one and send it back......

Anyone else had problems with refurbs not being upto scratch?

Overall though, its a lovely camera
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Old Oct 10, 2005, 9:31 AM   #2
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Fora refurb from Kodak, I wouldn't put up with a scratched lens. Body scratches, yes.

Clearly, the charger plug and the warranty should be for your area in the world.

Sorry to say, if this is a "refurb" from ebay or a hole-in-the-wall drop ship place, there's no guarantee whether it's a refurb, used camera, store demo, or other, less savory critter.
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Old Oct 10, 2005, 11:56 AM   #3
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I agree with Dave. If it is from Kodak, there should be no lens scratch. I'd be looking for my money back if it shows up on the photos.

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Old Oct 10, 2005, 2:30 PM   #4
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cant see the scratch on the photos, at least I have not noticed it yet!

I emailed the seller and will see what they say... It was from ebay, but sold as a factory refurb, with warranty...
Everything was boxed, sealed etc, and the box does state factory refurbished, so it looks genuine. They have pretty good feedback so hopefully something will get sorted

Just waiting for a adapter to arrive that I ordered when I first noticed the wrong adapter... Didnt notice the scratch until after a good close look at the camera, its quite small, but a pain to find one... Especially since I also ordered a 55mm adapter and hood to protect the lens from any possible scratches. Still waiting for that to arrive, seems like everything on ebay these days comes from the states or singapore....

Its way faster than the ricoh rdc5000 I owned previously, that used to be soooo slow, this feels so much more responsive, especially when reviewing photo's - its pretty much instant.
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Old Oct 10, 2005, 5:48 PM   #5
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I have also purchased the DX6490 from the states (NY), also has the 2 pin plug, useless in this country(UK).

I wonder if it is the same place, also via ebay, received mine 3 days ago, very poor delivery times. 2 weeks for me.

Camera is in almost perfect condition though, small marks on LCD screen, a bit frightened to rub too hard incase I ruin it.

I got free camera bag, but the camera doesn't fit in it... also pocket tripod, which does come in handy. Free docking station, no problems with that.

I am chuffed to bits with it, brilliant, thanks Kodak.

I bought a 1 gig SD card for my Ipaq, which is now in my camera, Ipaq an old toy now...


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Old Oct 11, 2005, 7:51 AM   #6
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Different seller, mine came without tripod or bag, otherwise the same.

Small world, morpeth is fairly near where I live (sunderland)
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Old Oct 11, 2005, 10:19 PM   #7
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I came real close to buying mine refurb off Ebay. Then I saw that kodal had them cheaper than the going price on Ebay. still more than I was willing to put out. The bidders were pushing them up to $240 up plus $18 to $25 shipping in the USA. Kodak wants $259 free shipping. as the weeks turn into months of watching Ebay I going rate started to drop on The hot ticket cameras and printers. It hit me, the cllage crowd just went back to school with all that money there parents gave them. Plus at this time the pirvate sellers started listing DX 6490's. They had seen high price's. I still payed $194 total for a 8 months old camera, dock, 128 mb card. Had I waited maybe two more weeks I may have been able to have gotten one around $150. I'am one happy camper with this one it's in perfect shape. Till now (LOL)
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