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I'm a little confused about which flash to use for my DX6490.

I've been looking here and there on the web for the Sunpak 383 Flash, and saw that some offer the Sunpak 383 and others the Sunpak 383S flash.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is and which one to chose???

I'm affraid that choosing the wrong one could screw up my beloved DX6490....

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I can't tell you the difference between the Sunpak 383 and the 383 Super nor was I able to find any Sunpak website, but you can find the specs on the 383 Super here:


BTW, ignore the high prices on the Sunpak 383 Super. You can get one for around $80 at B&H and others. Used are less, of course, but $80? I've heard nothing but good about the 383 Super, and your DX6490 will handle it.

My Kodak DX6490 will be sporting a Sunpak 383 Super in the near future. For more information on external flashes for the DX6490, check out this page of Kodak's site:


As far as worrying about the flash screwing up your camera, note that the DX6490 supports a maximum of 500 volts from the flash!

Hope this helps...but keep researching until you're satisfied. If the 383 Super screws up MY DX6490, not only you, but the rest of the world will hear about it!!! :P

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Now im a little confused...
The kodak page linked to in a previous post states
the max voltage is 500v for the flash sync on a dx6490..
But then it goes on to state...

"we recommend a voltage regulator to reduce the triggering voltage of the flash to 6 volts, protecting the camera's circuitry. "

Im using a hanimex pro 550 flash, with no problems on my 6490. But concerned they felt the need to sneak in the need for protection.........
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I think your safe there!

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