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One thing about the P850 that is different than the previous models is the "Info" screen.

There are 4 options:

1) Icons (battery, picture number)
2) Icons and Exif/ picture information
3) Histogram
4) Highlights/Shadows

(3) and (4) are new to the Kodak line.

Note thatit's NOT possible to remove all icons/information and view just the picture. With theDX7440 and Z740models (and others), if you pressed "i" so many times you would removeall of the iconsand just the photo would be left. This is particularly nice when connecting to an external video source and running a "manual" slidehow.

Recently Icontacted Kodak about this change in feature.

After 5 emails (of form letters)back and forth I finally got an officialanswer.


Here it is:


We are very sorry that the "clear screen" slide show capability
that you enjoyed in the DX7440 does not appear to be present in the

Each time a new slide appears on the screen you need to cycle
the "i" button to clean the screen. A totally "automatic" clean screen
slide show does not appear to be possible. We regret any inconvenience
this may cause you and hope that the other advanced feature of the
P850 will compensate you for this feature.

Best Wishes,

Steve D.,
Kodak Information and Technical Support


So looks likeI will keep my old DX7440anduse it for manual slideshows.
(the DX7440views P850 photos)

I can only hope theycreatea firmware update to address this.
(or maybe a hack to eliminate the highlight/shadows feature).

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Some of the newer TV's have a slot for SD cards so you can do the slide show without the camera attached. I recently bought a 42" LCD HD projection tv (Panasonic brand) from circuit city that has this and it is super nice to have!! Works great!

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